Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge: Holiday weekend

Today's post is going to be short because it's already 1am and I'm just getting around to writing this! For the most part, I've had a relaxing weekend, and here in Canada tomorrow is another holiday, so I have another day off from nanny duty, although I'll be writing most of the day. 
On Sunday, my sister-in-law Amanda, and my two nephews, Noah (9), and Logan (2 - the one I'm 'nanny' to 4 days a week) joined my mum and me for a visit and dinner. My brother was supposed to come but wasn't feeling well, so it was just the five of us. We had a lot of fun! I personally don't celebrate Easter in the traditional sense, but I'll take any excuse to get together with my family, because they're my whole life. I made beef stew for dinner, we played some games, watched a movie, and I took a bunch of pictures, as always. I'm just going to share a few because most of them were us goofing off, and I don't really feel like embarrassing myself, haha. 
Amanda, Noah, and Logan in a big cuddle pile while watching a movie. Don't ask me why Noah's shirtless, he's just special like that. Logan was waving and yelling, "Hi Mimi!"
Me and Amanda
Me, Logan, Amanda, Mum - I mentioned Logan's 2, right? So yeah, he's generally a bugger about having his picture taken and this is how he likes to pose.
Me and Noah...I swear he's going to be taller than I am by summer!
H is also for Hunger Games. I read the books last year, and was super excited about the movie, but I'm not going to get to see it in theatres because I don't have anyone to see it with! The only 'real life' friend of mine who knows anything about the Hunger Games is my cousin (she was the one who told me I had to read the books), but she lives an hour away, so I'm out of luck! BUT, Amanda got me the movie companion book, so I can live vicariously until the movie comes out on DVD. I'm really excited to have a proper look at it. Amanda is the most generous person ever, always surprising me with gifts and doing things for my mum and me. She's the best! 

Did you do anything fun/special this weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I had a quiet Easter with my mum, eating chocolate and watching movies. :D

  2. Yep I got to spend it with you ladies :) thank you babe! Love making you's smile hehehe

  3. HG was awesome. I ended up seeing the last Harry Potter in the theaters by myself because I couldn't find anyone to go with and it seemed very anti-climatic to watch it at home. It was actually so good I didn't even notice, and no one seemed to give me pity looks that I was there alone. :)

  4. I loved HG. You could always go see it yourself. :D

    Over from A-Z Challenge.
    My A-Z

  5. Love the Hunger Games. I enjoyed the movie as well:) You should definitely go see it.


  6. Looks like family fun being had all around. You're right, getting the family together is always a good thing.

    As for Hunger Games, I haven't seen the movie either but I hope to check it out soon. If not, like you, I'll patiently await its arrival on DVD.

    New follower hopping over from the A to Z blogging challenge.

    Angela B.

  7. Greetings! Ha, my H post was also For The Hunger Games! I am totally addicted but also am waiting for DVD. With 2 small boys and a girl on the way, making it to the theater isn't always an option right now. But it'll be worth the wait! Have a great April!



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