Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge: Indie authors

Why I love being an indie author:
*The freedom and control. I'm the boss, I call the shots. I have the final say on cover art, formatting, editing, book trailers, etc.
*I have a dozen story ideas flitting through my mind at any given time. If I were traditionally published, my agent/publisher would probably recommend that I stick with one, maybe two genres, but I don't want to be stuck. My imagination controls me, not the other way around. My first novel was contemporary YA romance, the book I'm writing now is adult chick lit (something I never thought I'd write, but the idea popped into my head one day and I'm 70,000 words in), and I have ideas for adult romance, YA fantasy, a YA fairytale retelling, and more contemporary YA. That's part of the beauty of being indie - I get to write the stories I want to write.
*I can go at my own pace. I set goals and deadlines (otherwise I'd never get anything done!), but they're not as strict as they would be if I had a publisher. Also, when I'm done writing a book, it only takes a few months to get it published, rather than a year or two.
*Indies are becoming much more accepted. A few years ago when I first researched self-publishing, I knew almost immediately it would be a mistake. People who self-published were seen as talentless hacks with no other course of action but to publish their own books because no one else would. There are still a lot of people self-publishing who really shouldn't be, but there are also a ton of extremely talented writers doing it for a wide variety of reasons. It wasn't a decision I took lightly, but I know it was the right path for me, and I'm happy with my decision. There are so many really talented indie authors out there, and the indie community is amazing. I feel really lucky to be a small part of it. 
Note: I have the utmost respect for traditional publishing, and those who go that route. I always thought I would take that path until independent publishing became a viable option. I love writers and books, regardless of how they're published.  


Speaking of indie authors, I just want to take a second and tell you about a huge event coming up in May at Aside From Writing. Indie Author Month is about all things indies, and I was lucky enough to be asked to do a feature! Melanie Cusick-Jones (author of Hope's Daughter, a YA science fiction novel) reviewed Blue Sky Days last month, and for Indie Author Month, my book is going to be featured, and I had a chance to do a fun mini-interview. Be sure to drop by Aside From Writing every day in May to discover some great new indie authors, as well as enter for a chance to win more than 30 e-books!

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For my fellow indies, what do you love about being an independent author? For the readers out there - do you read indie books? Why or why not?  


  1. These are all the reasons why I lean towards self-publishing. I haven't done it yet, but hopefully by the summer I will have a completed MS!

  2. I *love* indie books! It's a shame more people don't read them. You're right, there are definitely some crappy books self-pubbed, and those are the ones who give indie authors a negative rep. I try my best to promote and suggest indie authors to whoever I can. :)

  3. Hello, enjoyed your post. I guess if I ever published a book it would have to be done independently. Am enjoying writing a serialized fiction for the challenge. Stop by if you wish and read it. Best regards to you, Ruby

  4. Those are the same reasons I love being an indie author. Plus, you'd have to follow the market. If what you're writing is the hot thing, your agent and publisher won't want you to write it.

  5. If I was ever planning to be an author, I'd choose this pathway. cheers to you all!!
    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  6. I agree with you - I love the freedom and choice you have with being an indie - you get to tell your stories in the way you want them to be told, without 'business' pressures changing how you write. I just didn't have the patience to try the traditional route.

    Thanks for the Indie Author Month mention - I've been stocking up my tbr list from the authors we've got on - some great books and a real mix of genres across YA world :)

    Mel x x


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