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Review: Take Me Now by Faith Sullivan

Take Me Now by Faith Sullivan
Series: Take Me Now, #1
Published: July 16th, 2013
Publisher: Self-published
156 pages (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary new adult
Acquired this book: From the author in exchange for an honest review
Warning: May contain spoilers
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How do you survive the internship from hell?

Don't fall in love.

Ivy thought being a reporter-in-training at the Independent Gazette would be her dream summer job. Little did she know, interviewing Eric, a landscaper with a heart of gold, would derail her plans. It turns out Ivy's boss, Lauren, has been eying his chiseled physique for quite some time.

But at twenty-four, Eric already has a tragic past, one that he is still reeling from. Even though his ordeal turned him into some sort of local celebrity, it's been a while since he's shared his bed with anyone. When he comes to Ivy's rescue out of the blue, it's not long before the two of them start seeing each other behind Lauren's back. When they get caught, Ivy's journey toward a college degree is jeopardized and her relationship with Eric is severely put to the test.

Career versus love? In the end, a shocking turn of events provides Ivy with a revelation she never saw coming.
I wanted to like this book. I really did. So many people have been turning their noses up at New Adult, but I’ve been a big (and vocal) supporter of it. Unfortunately, Take Me Now was not a favourite.

Because I hate writing negative reviews (but as both a book blogger and an author myself, I believe in being completely honest even when the truth is hard), I want to start with what I did like about Take Me Now. The writing itself was good. The concept behind the story was good. It had a really strong opening that drew me in and made me curious. The book evoked emotion in me - rage at the characters who deserved it (and sometimes those who didn’t, just because of their actions), sympathy (for Eric especially), and I thought the characters' emotions - love, anger, confusion, jealousy, etc - really came across well.

What I didn’t like: the characters were way too dramatic. They overreacted to everything and created a ton of drama, but there were few actual consequences to their actions. I didn’t feel the romance; it was what I would consider instalove - Ivy and Eric became so obsessed with each other but they didn’t actually know anything about each other or spend that much time together. I despised Lauren, Will, and Ryan, and wished more than once that Ivy would grow a backbone and tell them all to go fly a kite in the middle of traffic during a lightning storm. I kept hoping I’d connect to Ivy and Eric, but I never did. Their behaviour and actions and poor decision-making skills often prevented me from even liking either of them, so it made it hard to connect with them.

Even though I didn’t enjoy Take Me Now, I always encourage people to try books for themselves. Just because it’s not a new favourite of mine doesn’t mean it won’t be a new favourite of yours. If you enjoy contemporary new adult with a lot of angst and drama (hey, it’s some people’s cup of tea!), I say give this one a shot. I enjoyed Sullivan’s writing enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another of her books in the future and hope for better results. 

2.5 stars

 Have you read Take Me Now? What did you think?



  1. "Grow a backbone and tell them all to go fly a kite in the middle of traffic during a lightning storm"

    *giggles* Sorry, but if this is true, I'm not so sure about this one. ;) I do still have it on the TBR so maaaaybe someday. We'll see.

  2. Nothing wrong with being honest. I always encourage people to make up their own mind. You know what they say - one man's trash...

  3. I'm surprised you rated this one as high as you did! I remember you were so disappointed in it. I can get past a lot, but if I hate the main It's too bad this one was such a dud.

    Luckily we know there are other NA titles out there that you'll hopefully enjoy more. :)

  4. I recently came across new adult and the category is so fresh and original! I still haven't read any but I'm planning to next month.

  5. It is always tough when the review is negative. But respect and and a following come from trust.

    We need the truth. :-)


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