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Review: Bonnie of Evidence by Maddy Hunter

Bonnie of Evidence by Maddy Hunter
Series: Passport to Peril, Book #8
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Published: February 8th, 2013
Publisher: Midnight Ink
312 pages (paperback)
Genre: Cozy mystery
Acquired this book: From the author in exchange for an honest review
Warning: May contain spoilers
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Who kilt Isobel Kronk?

Emily Andrew-Miceli, travel escort extraordinaire, is leading a group of Iowa seniors on a tour of Scotland. And to make the trip even more fun, Emily and her foxy husband, Etienne, have organized a high-tech scavenger hunt. But when one team’s underhanded strategizing brings a cursed dirk into their hotel on Loch Ness, Isobel Kronk — a member of the tour group — ends up dead. Was it the curse of the dagger, as hotel proprietor Mrs. Dalrymple believes? Was it an allergic reaction? Or is there a flesh and blood killer on the loose?

The beloved gang from Iowa is back, and this time their adventures take place in bonnie Scotland. The Passport to Peril series has been a favourite of mine for many years, and with Bonnie of Evidence, the eighth installment, I felt like the series had been infused with new life. Something about it felt different, while still staying true to the essence of the series and sticking with what makes the Passport to Peril books so amazing.

I was really excited to see Etienne along for the trip this time, and I thought the addition of Emily’s parents added not only more depth, but also new levels of hilarity to the story. All the old favourites who we know and love from the previous books are back, and at this point I feel like I know them so well they’re like real people. I know how they’re going to react to certain situations, but not in a ‘that’s so predictable’ way - more like they’re friends that you know really well and know their habits, but who still manage to surprise you. And while the humour is familiar, there are new elements too. This is one of those series that never fails to make me laugh out loud.

In eight books, I haven’t once been able to solve the mystery. It’s so tightly woven, and it’s always the last person you would suspect, which I love. I was glad Emily didn’t do too much of the actual sleuthing herself this time and didn’t become obsessed like she sometimes does.

Besides the humour and the mystery, my other favourite part about this series is that I get to live vicariously through other people’s travels. I’ve always been fascinated by Scotland, and I honestly felt like I was there myself. Maddy does a terrific job of dropping in details about a location - interesting facts, descriptions, history, etc. - and I find it all fascinating.

Bonnie of Evidence is definitely one of my new favourites in the Passport to Peril series. Full of humour, suspense, adventure, and wacky, loveable characters, with the lush backdrop of Scotland that will make you want to don a kilt and head for the Highlands, Bonnie of Evidence is a must read.

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Have you read any of the Passport to Peril books? What did you think? Do you enjoy cozy mysteries? How about books with foreign settings?

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  1. Thank you for your stellar review, Marie. The chemistry turned out really well in this book, and I have no idea how it happened. Dumb luck probably! Thank you for your thoughtful analysis and comments. Your first five star review of the year! Cool. maddy


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