Monday, November 12, 2012

Scarlet Read-Along: Week 2 Discussion

Jessica from Thoughts at One in the Morning and I are proud to present the Scarlet Read-Along!
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This week's discussion topic:
What is your favourite Robin Hood movie, book, etc? Pick one (or two or three) and talk about it.

My favourite version of Robin Hood - and the one I’m most familiar with - is the Disney version. It’s been my favourite movie since I was about five years old. I love the action, the music, the romance, the humour. I think I enjoy it even more as an adult than I did as a child, because I actually get the jokes now. And, like it did when I was a child, this movie still makes me giggle like a fiend, cry, and fall in love - every time, without fail. As you can maybe imagine, after watching and loving this movie for over 20 years, I know it by heart. Many of my family's inside jokes come from Robin Hood. My youngest nephew Logan sucks his thumb and holds onto his ear like Prince John did - he’s done it since he was born and I think it's the funniest thing ever because I’ve never seen anyone other than Prince John do it in Robin Hood.

I also have a weird confession: I always had a crush on Robin Hood. Yes, animated Robin Hood who happened to be a fox. He was just so sexy! So confident and gallant, and that accent! *swoon* Ok, so clearly I still have a crush on the animated fox - I never claimed to be normal.


I've always loved the classic Disney movies because of their songs, and the songs in Robin Hood are some of my favourites. This song pretty much sums up the whole thing, plus its hilarious...and yes, I know all the words.

Remember that we're reading chapters 6-9 this week!

If you're participating in the read-along, leave your link below. If you're not participating but want to answer this week's question, I'd love to hear about your favourite Robin Hood book or movie.


  1. I don't think you're weird about your crush... because if I think you're weird, then that would mean I'm weird for the crazy crushes and things I like... so, I'm calling us normal, with quirks. I am so going to borrow this from the library soon! AHHH! Stupid Disney movies I never saw when I was a kid. :P

  2. I knew you'd pick the Disney one, too! It's my favourite as well. And no, I don't think you're weird for crushing on fox Robin. He may be an animated animal, but he sure is suave.

  3. I've always been infatuated with the character of Robin Hood, yes very dashing, sassy and gallant. A bad ass with a heart of gold. It's kind of cheesy, but I like the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood. But I also liked the one with Cate Blanchett. There's a lot of good historical fiction books about the topic too.

  4. Oh man, I SO wanna go watch that movie now. It's such a classic. ;)

  5. LOL! You're not the only one who has a crush on him. :) I loved this one as a kid.


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