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Book Review: Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah Coonts

Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah Coonts
Series: Lucky O’Toole Vegas Adventure
Published: February 1st, 2011
Publisher: Forge (Tom Doherty Associates)
464 pages (paperback)
Genre: Adult mystery/romantic suspense/humour
Acquired this book: From the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Warning: may include spoilers
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Synopsis: A young woman plunges from a Las Vegas sightseeing helicopter, landing in the Pirate’s lagoon in front of the Treasure Island Hotel in the middle of the 8:30 Pirate Show.  Almost everyone writes her off as another Vegas victim. 
But Lucky O’Toole smells a rat.  She’s head of Customer Relations at The Babylon, the newest, most opulent mega-casino and resort on the Strip, so she’s got a lot on her plate: the Adult Film industry’s annual awards banquet, a spouse-swapping convention, sex toy purveyors preying on the pocket-protector crowd attending ElectroniCon….  Still, Lucky can’t resist turning over a few stones. 
When a former flame is one of the snakes she uncovers, Lucky’s certain she’s no longer dealing with an anonymous Sin City suicide.  To top it all off, Lucky’s best friend Teddie—Las Vegas’ finest female impersonator—presses to take their relationship to the next level.  Leave it to Lucky to attract a man who looks better in a dress than she does.
Lucky must manage the Babylon’s onslaught of outrageous festivities, solve a murder, and struggle to keep her life and libido from spinning out of control… not to mention keep her balance in six inch heels. 

It’s rare these days that I take a break from YA, but I’m so glad I made an exception for this book. It was packed with humour, action, suspense, and enough twists and turns to keep me guessing, and have me wondering who were the good guys and who were the bad guys.

I loved that the setting for this book was Las Vegas. I’ve never been, but have always wanted to go, and this was a great insider’s look at Vegas behind the scenes. Lucky’s job was really interesting (although I wouldn’t want it for myself - all that pressure and stress!), and it was cool to see a side of Vegas you don’t necessarily hear/read about or see.

Wanna Get Lucky? had a great cast of main and secondary characters. Lucky’s mother and secretary were priceless. Teddy was definitely my favorite secondary character though. That man is so swoon-worthy! He was sexy and sweet, funny and charming, and so good to - and for - Lucky. Lucky’s feelings for him came across very real - she was afraid to cross the line between friendship and something more, because Teddy was her best friend and Lucky was afraid of losing one of her only friends. I love when the romance doesn't happen right away and you can't wait to find out whether they will or won't get together, and you're just dying for that first kiss...or something more. ;-)

My only complaint about this book - and it’s a minor one, and one you’ll find fairly frequently in my reviews - is that it was a bit too long. There were a lot of characters and a lot of action, and I think it would have been better if the book had been a little shorter.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially to people who love a good mystery with romance and humour thrown in. I’ve already recommended this book to a friend who read it and loved it!

A very big thank you to Leyane from Forge for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This sounds fun! I love a book that has humor in it to have a change of pace. Great review Marie!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Marie! Thank so much for the wonderful review! Glad you enjoyed Lucky. I see magic in Vegas and Lucky helps me bring it to life. Each day I can hardly wait to sit at the computer and find out what trouble she get into next--all in good fun, of course;)


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