Monday, November 19, 2012

Scarlet Read-Along: Week 3 Discussion

Jessica from Thoughts at One in the Morning and I are proud to present the Scarlet Read-Along!
Want to join? It's not too late! You can check out the full reading and posting schedule, and sign up HERE.

This week's discussion topic:
Who is your favourite character and why?
*Possible spoiler warning if you haven't read Scarlet*

My favourite character is definitely Scarlet. She’s got so many layers and I feel like we’re constantly discovering a new side of her. She’s a fascinating contrast of hard and soft, brave and vulnerable. She’s tough, resourceful, independent, and clever, but she has this vulnerable side to her that makes my heart ache. She’s flawed enough to be human and relatable - she’s insecure and doesn’t believe she deserves someone like Robin. She’s so tough in so many ways, but then we see these little cracks in her armour that make me just want to hug her tight and tell her everything will be ok. She’s a kick-ass heroine; the type of person you’d want to have your back in a bad situation, and the type of friend who would be loyal and true…once you got past her defenses.

I think AC Gaughen has done a phenomenal job of giving us such a complex, likeable character. 

Who's your favourite character? Link up or leave comments below!

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  1. Yes! There is so much to her, you can't help but adore her. She's very real, and that's hard to find in a protagonist in a book. A.C. Gaughen did an amazing job with her! :D


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