Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Romance Review: The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday by Kiley Dunbar

The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday by Kiley Dunbar
Published: May 5th, 2021

Publisher: Hera

Genre: Contemporary Romance

# of pages: 227

My rating: 4 stars

Acquired this book: From the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest consideration

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The Borrow-a-Bookshop Bookshop Café invites literature lovers to run their very own bookshop…for a fortnight. Spend your days talking books with customers in your own charming bookshop and serving up delicious cream teas in the cosy café. Bookworms, what are you waiting for? Your holiday is going to be LIT(erary). Apply to: The Borrow-a-Bookshop Bookshop Café, Down-a-long, Clove Lore, Devon.

Jude Crawley should be on top of the world. She’s just graduated as a mature student, and can finally go public about her relationship with Philosophy professor, Mack. Until she sees Mack kissing another girl, and her dreams crumble. And worse, their dream holiday–running a tiny bookshop in the harbour village of Clove Lore for two weeks–is non-refundable.

Throwing caution to the wind, Jude heads down to Devon, eager to immerse herself in literature and heal her broken heart. But there’s one problem: six-foot-tall, brooding (but gorgeous) Elliot, who’s also reserved the bookshop holiday for two weeks…

As Jude and Elliot put their differences aside to run the bookshop, it seems that Jude might be falling in love with more than just words. Until she discovers what Elliot is running from–and why he’s hiding out in Clove Lore.

Can Jude find her own happy ending in a tiny, tumbledown bookshop? Or is she about to find out that her bookish holiday might have an unexpected twist in the tale…

The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday was the third book I've read by Kiley Dunbar. By now I know to expect humour, romance, a beautiful setting, and a temporary escape from reality when I read one of Kiley's books. Escape from reality is a theme in her books: the heroine needs to get away from something (or someone) or needs a break from life weighing her down, and she finds herself - along with love and friendship - in the place she’s escaped to, all while realizing it's not always easy - or sometimes even possible - to outrun your problems. I love books like that and Kiley does them so well.

In The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday, our heroine, Jude, is in her late twenties and has just graduated from college. She’s also just found out her sexy professor boyfriend is a cheating cad. Added to that is the fact the people who have always needed her - the reasons she’s basically put her life on hold until now - no longer need her in the same way. She doesn’t have a job or a purpose, so when her spot on the waitlist for the Borrow-a-Bookshop bookstore and cafe opens up, she takes it as her sign to get away for two weeks and get her head on straight.

I think it’s safe to say many lifelong book lovers have had the dream of running their own bookshop. I know I certainly have, so I loved the concept of this book. Add in the quaint village, the quirky townspeople, and the mysterious man who turns up to help Jude, and you have a recipe for a sweet, emotional story. I connected with Jude easily and felt the heft of responsibility and then uncertainty that weighed on her. She’d never had a chance to live life for herself, and I enjoyed watching her strike out on her own and learn new things about herself.

With travel still out for many of us this summer, The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday makes for a wonderful virtual vacation. 

Have you read The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday? Have you ever dreamed of owning and/or working in a bookshop? Have you ever actually worked in one?

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