Saturday, September 15, 2018

ONLY YOU Cover Reveal Sign-Ups

My last post here on the blog was talking about finishing the first draft of my tenth novel. Things have moved quickly since then. I don’t normally go straight into revisions after finishing a first draft; I think it’s important to give yourself distance from the story, let it breathe, and approach it with fresh eyes. This time was different for me, though. It took several months to write this book, and since I never edit as I go, when I started the revision process the entire first half of the book hadn’t been touched in months. Since my writing and publishing schedules have been so out of whack the last couple of years, I wanted to get this book edited and ready to publish as quickly as possible so I could get back into a routine and start writing my next project sooner than later. As of now, I’ve done two rounds of revisions, my alpha reader has read it (and loved it, eep!), and it’s been sent to my amazing team of beta readers. Now while I wait to hear back from them, I’m going forward with the marketing plan I’ve been concocting for ages, and working on a few other projects. It’s all really exciting and kind of overwhelming, but after the last couple of years I’ve had, it’s wonderful to be getting back into a routine. The first step in my marketing plan is the cover reveal. The cover is already designed, and I’m thrilled with it. I’m planning a fairly small-scale cover reveal because I want to put more money, time, and energy into a blog and bookstagram tour for release week. If you’d like to help with the cover reveal, I’d be incredibly grateful. There are lots of options - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog. You can find all the information on the sign-up form. There will be 2 $5 gift card prizes for participants...along with my everlasting gratitude, of course!

Want to know more about ONLY YOU? Here’s the synopsis:
  Ivy's new boss is sexy, Scottish…and comes with an expiration date. When Ivy reluctantly takes a job at Santa’s Village, it’s a means to an end. Doing this favor for her pain-in-the-neck roommate means she can have her apartment to herself again much sooner. The last thing she expects is Hugh—the hot Scot who just happens to be her new boss—asking her out on a date. And then another. And another. Something about Hugh makes Ivy want to let her guard down and open up, which would be perfect if he wasn't returning to Scotland in a matter of weeks. But maybe that doesn’t matter. Maybe she can live in the moment and have a little fun, even if it means setting herself up for heartache later. ONLY YOU is a standalone contemporary romance about taking chances, unexpected friendships, and holding on to the things—and people—that matter most. 

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