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Review: A Brit Complicated by Brenda St John Brown

A Brit Complicated by Brenda St John Brown
Series: Castle Calder #3
Published: October 11th, 2017
Publisher: Self-published
273 pages (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Acquired this book: From the author in exchange for honest consideration
Rating: 5 stars
Warning: May contain spoilers
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Scarlett St Julien likes her job well enough. Her boss? Total wanker. Even if he is sexy AF. After all, they don’t call him Bradley Walking-Sex for nothing.

When Bradley asks her to show him around London, it’s another thing on Scarlett’s task list. At least until the spark between them ignites. And it is H-O-T.

It turns out Bradley Walking-Sex is smart and funny, as well as — you guessed it — oh-so-sexy. But he’s still the boss. A fling with him is one thing. Falling for him? Well, that’s not an option. Is it?

I absolutely loved the first two books in the Castle Calder series, A Brit on the Side and A Brit Unexpected. I was sure I’d enjoy A Brit Complicated, but I wasn’t sure if Brenda St John Brown could top A Brit Unexpected. She did. Each book in this series is better than the last, and as a whole, it’s now one of my favourite series.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Scarlett’s story since the first Castle Calder book. I knew there was more to her than what we saw then, and I loved how complex she was. St John Brown has this completely refreshing writing style that makes her characters easy to connect to and makes you feel like you’re part of the story. Each of her books has surprised me in some way, and A Brit Complicated was no different. I loved that Scarlett was aware of her faults, and if she had something pointed out to her, she was willing to work on it and try to better herself. Bradley was the same way, which was what made them such a great match. Well, that and their electric chemistry! These two were so hot together and it was fun watching how they played off each other, flirted, stumbled over misunderstandings, and slowly fell for each other.  

The side characters in the story were great, too. I especially loved Tom. I also loved getting to see Bea, Jasper, Claire, and Greyson, and see what they were up to. I was fascinated by Scarlett’s job, and as someone who loves London, I appreciated the tribute that was worked in honouring the recent terror attacks. It was woven in so perfectly and made me really emotional (not going to lie, I cried, and I’ve teared up since whenever I think about it). It was beautiful and touching, and Scarlett’s passion not only for her job, but also for her city, made me connect to her even more.   

Brenda St John Brown has outdone herself with A Brit Complicated. This series is romantic comedy gold. Each of the stories can easily be read as standalones, but I highly recommend reading the whole series, especially if you like complex characters, hilarious situations and dialogue, and sexytimes that will leave you fanning yourself.

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A Brit Unexpected: Amazon US ~ Canada || Chapters || My review

Have you read any of the Castle Calder books? What did you think? Do you have a favourite romantic comedy?

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