Thursday, January 7, 2016

TAKE THEM BY STORM Anniversary Sale!

Yesterday was the one-year publication anniversary of my fifth novel, Take Them by Storm. I can't believe it's been a year already! I'm so grateful to everyone who has given Sadie's story a chance. If you haven't read the book yet but want to, now would be a great time since it's on sale for just 99 cents!


Take Them by Storm is a companion novel to Waiting for the Storm and After the Storm

Sadie Fitzgerald has always been different, and not just because she makes her own clothes and would rather stay home watching Doctor Who than party with kids her age. When it’s time to leave Angel Island for college, Sadie is eager to put her old life behind her. Small-minded people and rumors have plagued her for years, but with the love of her adoptive family, the O’Dells, Sadie has learned to embrace who she is. Now she’s not afraid to admit the rumors about her are true: she’s gay.

For the first time in her life, Sadie feels free to be herself. She dives into college life and begins volunteering at the local LGBT center, where she discovers her small-town upbringing left holes in her education about life outside Angel Island.

The world is a bigger and more accepting place than Sadie ever imagined. She’s finally found where she belongs, but with the reappearance of someone from her past, an unexpected new friendship, and a chance at love, Sadie soon realizes she still has a lot to learn about life, friendship, and love.

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  1. Seems like a great novel, will check it out!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales


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