Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Roman Colosseum


Rome was Krista's most anticipated place on our UK and European adventure. She's always been interested in Roman history and mythology, so she had a to-see/do list about a mile long. I've always been fascinated with Rome too, but in a more...passive way, I guess? It was somewhere on my 'someday' list, but until we started planning our trip, I didn't know if I'd ever actually get there. Imagine my surprise when arrived in Rome and I was completely, madly in love with the city. 

The Colosseum was one of my top things to see in the Eternal City. I don't think I'll ever forget that moment when we emerged from the metro and there it was, larger than life. I had to remember to keep walking and get out of the way so I wouldn't get plowed down by other people coming out of the underground! It was an amazing sight.

Here's a tip if you're planning a visit to the Colosseum: there's an 'inclusive' ticket that includes the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. Walk a short distance past the Colosseum to the Roman Forum and buy your ticket there (12 Euro as of June 2015). You'll wait maybe ten minutes in line at the Forum, as opposed to possibly a couple hours at the Colosseum. When you get to the Colosseum, you'll see two lines: one to buy tickets, and one to breeze right in with your pre-bought ticket. Also, the ticket is good for two days, so you can split it up if you want and do the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill one day and the Colosseum the next day!
Krista and I were both sort of struck speechless as we looked around. It was incredible to stand there, knowing the place had almost 2,000 years worth of history, much of it bloody and gruesome.

Have you been to the Colosseum? What did you think? If you haven't been, do you hope to go someday? Are you interested in Roman history? Gladiators? Let's talk here or on Twitter!


  1. That is amazing. It must have been surreal to stand there and think of the history.

  2. I felt rather passive about going to Rome as well. We spent such a short amount of time there but I really enjoyed it. I did get to see the Colosseum but we didn't go in. Maybe one day.


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