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Review: The Infinite by Lori M Lee

The Infinite by Lori M Lee 
Series: Gates of Thread and Stone #2
Published: March 10th, 2015
Publisher: Skyscape
378 pages (eARC)
Genre: Young adult fantasy
Acquired this book: Via NetGalley in exchange for honest consideration 
Warning: May contain spoilers
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Kai always believed the only danger to the city came from within. Now, with a rebel force threatening the fragile government, the walls have become more of a prison than ever.

To make matters worse, as Avan explores his new identity as an Infinite, Kai struggles to remind him what it means to be human. And she fears her brother, Reev, is involved with the rebels. With the two people she cares about most on opposite sides of a brewing war, Kai will do whatever it takes to bring peace. But she’s lost her power to manipulate the threads of time, and she learns that a civil war might be the beginning of something far worse that will crumble not only Ninurta’s walls but also the entire city.

In this thrilling sequel to Gates of Thread and Stone, Kai must decide how much of her humanity she’s willing to lose to protect the only family she’s ever known.

I loved Gates of Thread and Stone. The gorgeous cover drew me in, and then my interest was captivated by the story itself - great characters, mystery, magic, romance, action. There was so much to love about the book, and I was eager to find out what would happen to Kai and her friends and family next. The Infinite was a great sequel. It satisfied my curiosity about what would happen next while skillfully adding in new information, new intrigue, and character development, plus setting things up for the next book.

Things in Ninurta are changing quickly after the huge power shift at the end of the first book. Kai has gone from living a simple life where she and her brother struggled to survive financially to living in the city centre and dealing directly with the people who run the city. When they learn that there are more survivors of the war living in their own city, things change even more.

Kai has a lot to deal with. She’s just found out the truth about her past, who/what she really is, and who her biological family is. She’s torn between worlds, between different groups of people, between family and duty, and between two possible loves. Through it all, though, she’s strong, smart, and fierce. She’s not perfect by any means, and she can be impulsive and even reckless, but I think that’s part of what makes her so great. She would do anything to protect the people she cares about, even if that means putting herself in danger. And it’s those flaws that make her believable and easy to connect with.

The romance, while not a main plot of the book, was much more prominent in Gates of Thread and Stone. The Infinite just had hints of romance, because there was so much else going on. I loved Avan in the first book, so it was hard seeing him not be himself. He’s the same person on the outside, but has none of his memories or old personality traits, and I can only imagine how much it would hurt Kai to interact with the boy who looks like the one she cares about but who can’t even remember her or their past. It made me glad he wasn’t in much of the book, because his interactions with Kai usually just left me sad. I did, however, continue to fall harder for Mason in this book. I loved him in the first book and was torn between him and Avan, but unless Avan somehow gets his memories back, I’m leaning more toward Mason. He and Kai are a good match, they work well together, and they have great chemistry.

With lots of twists and turns, a ton of new information, and plenty of action, The Infinite was a great sequel to Gates of Thread and Stone. I’m curious to see where the story will go from here, what will happen to the characters, and how certain things will get wrapped up.


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