Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Longing by Lilly Avalon

Longing by Lilly Avalon 
Series: Resist #2
Published: January 27th, 2015
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Erotic romance
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It's been two months since Allegra walked out of Devlin's hotel room. Well, two months and five days, but she's not counting. She needs to move on, but before she can, Devlin shows up again...as her new coworker.

Seeing him at work every day is enough to make her lose her mind. Allegra tries to stay away from Devlin, knowing the effect he has on her, but she can't. The more she's around him, the more she's tempted to have something more with him. After everything that's happened in the past, it's a slippery slope that may land her in a place she never wants to revisit. Something is happening to her heart, though. A longing is building up that isn't one-sided...and doesn't feel temporary.

He wants her. She wants a forever. Is it possible to have it all?

In Lilly Avalon’s Resist, we got a taste of Allegra and Devlin’s story. The chemistry between them sizzled on the pages, but I was left wanting more. I wanted to know more about Allegra - her past, her motives, and her reason for running. I was sure there could be more between these two, so I was thrilled when I found out Lilly was writing a continuation of Allegra and Devlin’s story, and that it would be a full-length novel.

There’s so much to love about Longing. Allegra is smart, sassy, and snarky. Devlin is basically sex on legs, but there’s surprising depth to him that made me love him. Together, these characters are something special. Their interactions ranged from sexy to sweet to heartwarming to giggle inducing.

Allegra’s growth through the novel amazed me. I felt like I was watching a friend who kept tripping over the crap life threw at her, but also kept getting up and fighting. I was so proud of her. She learned a lot through the course of the book - some of it on her own, some of it with the help of her best friend, and some of it with Devlin’s help.

I loved that while Longing is categorized as erotic romance, it had so much depth to it. There were plenty of sexytimes, but there was also a lot of character growth, and real life situations that were relatable. Sexy, funny, romantic, and emotional, Longing is another winner from Lilly Avalon!

Have you read Longing? What did you think? If you haven't read it, do you plan to? Have you read any of Lilly's other books? Do you read erotic romance? Let's talk here or on Twitter!


  1. Not going to lie, I'm not huge on the erotica but if there's actual character growth I'm more likely to enjoy. This one sounds fun.

  2. I LOVED this one so much, all the heart to it, the character growth. I even cried twice! Gah. Wonderful review, Marie. I loved what you said about how you felt like you were watching a friend find her way with Allegra.


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