Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Historic Fiction Reading Challenge December Link-Up + Giveaway

Hi everyone! Can you believe it's December already? This year has absolutely flown by. When I decided to do this challenge a year ago, I had high hopes for it. I was hoping for lots of sponsors and giveaways, and I wanted to read a ton of historic fiction books each month... unfortunately real life sort of got in the way, and the challenge wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but I'm so grateful to those of you who stuck with it, continued reading, and linked up your reviews each month. You guys are amazing!

I wish I could say that I plan to host this challenge again in 2015, but I know I won't have time. My work load is going to be even heavier, and I won't be able to commit to it fully, which I didn't realize last year. Blogging in general has taken a bit of a back burner in 2014, and while I hope to change that in 2015, I don't want to make promises I'm not sure I can keep. So, with that being said, thank you so much to everyone who participated this year, whether for a month or two, or all twelve. I hope you'll keep visiting Ramblings of a Daydreamer even without the challenge to lead you here. ;-) Even though I didn't read as many historic fiction books as I'd hope, I did read some great ones, and even discovered a few new authors, and some great new bloggers in the process. I hope you did, too!

A huge thank-you goes out to these sponsors: 
CJ Archer (blog, Facebook, Twitter)
Jodi Lamm (website, GoodReads, Twitter) 
Angela Misri (website, Twitter, GoodReads) 

Historic fiction reviews from participants:

If you have reviews for the month of December (or if you have previous reviews you forgot to link up) you can do so in this linky

This giveaway is open to Historic Fiction Reading Challenge participants ONLY, as a thank-you for participating. There's only one mandatory entry, and then the others are optional. One question is to tell me how many historic fiction books you reviewed this year, and that number will be added into the Rafflecopter as extra entries. 

How many historic fiction books did you read in 2014? Which was your favourite? Did you discover any new authors?


  1. Oh dear, I've been an awful participant as far as linking up goes. I'll add them here now. I've loved the challenge though. It pushed me to read more books in this genre, which is something I've really wanted to do for a long time. Thank you for hosting!

  2. I finished fifty; all reviews linked! Marie, I welcome you as my guest beginning in February and thank you for being an interactive hostess. My trio of themes is very relaxed and gives us time after Christmas to finish reading and link up. Yours truly, Carolyn.

  3. Aww, I will miss this challenge! I was terrible (as always) in reviewing and linking, but just being signed up to such challenge helped. I read 22 historical books - most of then with tad of fantasy in it.
    Here's my wrap-up post:

    Thank you for hosting it!


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