Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Distractions from Reading

The other day when I was getting my monthly recap together for May, I was disappointed to see I'd only read six books during the month. Then I got the dreaded message on GoodReads that I was behind in my yearly goal - nooooo! It may seem ridiculous, but I'm sure a lot of you can relate. I'd hoped to get ahead early in the year and then sorta coast the rest of the year, and I did manage to get ahead the first couple months but since then I've been struggling to stay on track.

Then the other day I realized why I haven't been getting much reading done lately: I've been watching way too much TV (if there is such a thing). I've always been a TV junkie, but I pretty much balance my reading and TV time...until recently. Or more accurately, until I started watching Doctor Who...

So, I haven't been reading enough lately because of...

Doctor Who ~ I started watching Doctor Who in March of April, and I just finished season 4. At least half my online friends, including one of my best online friends, watch it and I was curious because people talked so much about it on Twitter. Luckily my library had it, so I got season one and settled in to watch it with plenty of warnings that it was kinda weird and the effects were sometimes cheesy, but that I should give it a fair shot. The first couple episodes piqued my interest while also making me wonder wtf was going on, but by the third episode I was hooked. I fell in love with Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, Billie Piper's Rose, and all the other characters and their stories. I didn't think I'd be able to get over Christopher Eccleston leaving, but I fell for David Tennant immediately when he took over, and just found myself getting more and more invested in the show. I finished season 4 the other night (I'm so traumatized, you guys...so many feels, both good and bad) and I'm going to watch the specials in the next couple days, then start season 5. I find it kind of ironic that with the announcement Matt Smith (the eleventh doctor) is leaving at the end of this year and people are getting ready to say goodbye to him, I'm just about to meet him as the Doctor in season 5.

Road to Avonlea ~ This was one of the defining shows of my childhood. I was about six when it started, and my family and I watched it together every week. It's one of those quintessential Canadian shows - set here, filmed here, mostly Canadian actors. I grew up with the Kings and Sara Stanley, and I was heartbroken when the show ended. The DVDs are out-of-this-world-expensive but last year around Black Friday, Sullivan Company had an incredible sale and I splurged and bought the whole set. I just finally started watching them a month or so ago and I'm up to season 3. I think I love it even more now than I did as a child because I understand a lot of it better.  

Gilmore Girls ~ Another defining show of my adolescence. I was 16 when it first aired, and I related to Rory in so many ways. Molli, Jessica, and I started a rewatch-along on the 1st and I'm already 5 or 6 episodes in. I've started a weekly feature on my other blog called Gilmore Girls Mondays if you want to check it out and discuss the show!

So, these are the three main reasons I haven't been getting much reading done lately. I've decided I'm going to try to split my evenings up equally between TV and reading (at least most nights) and maybe try to squeeze in more reading during the day when I'm able.

Do you/did you ever watch any of these shows? What are some of your current favourite TV shows? How about some of your distractions? Do you find it difficult to create balance?


  1. I loved me some GG. I watched the entire thing from series premiere to the series finale. I really need to get the seasons on DVD. My other favorites in the 90's & 2000's easily go to FRIENDS and ER.

    Truthfully I've done a lot more reading since I started the book blogging thing. Definitely more reading than watching TV although like you I am a TV junkie.

    My tastes in TV shows are all over the place. Dramas,comedies and yes even a reality show or two.

  2. Oh yeah... I'm SOOO far behind on my goal for the year. I've BEEN behind since I moved, and it's steadily getting further behind. The only way I'll be able to catch up is if I can manage two books a week... which I can only do if I take out some of the distractions, including the TV on DVD obsession. I may only be able to watch the first season of Gilmore Girls after all, but hey, still fun! :) We'll both get caught up and reach our goal, I believe in us!!! <3

  3. OOoh Doctor Who, you cause almost all of us who watch you to become addicts. Hehe.

    I have the same issue and I'm finishing up season seven of Supernatural now. U find I don't watch a lot of shows when they're currently running and pick them up after so I can watch non-stop. I need instant gratification! hahah

  4. I got a bit ahead on my reading challenge so far, which I wasn't really intending to do, BUT I realized is a good thing, since it's summer, and I can slow down. 5-6 books a month or so will get me to my goal (100 books) and that's just fine with me. If I end up reading more some months, or less, I'll just adjust. *happy sigh* YOU CAN DO IT. You just need to find a few awesome books off your summer reading challenge and you'll be caught up before you know it.

    Although I will NEVER say that copious amounts ANY of the shows you talked about is a bad thing. ;)

  5. I get nothing done when Doctor Who is on, but he's sooooooooo worth it. =D

  6. I know what you mean. It is easy to get distracted for long periods of time by TV.

  7. TV is a great distraction. I really need to watch Doctor Who one of these days. And Road to Avonlea looks like something I would enjoy. Lately I've been watching Once Upon a Time. Sad the season is over, though I liked the first one better than this season I think.

  8. I watched and love Gilmore Girls, one of my favorite shows of all time. I was so sad when it happened. Not enough powerful women shows. But this one was great

  9. I love TV. Actually, I think that's one of the reasons that I haven't been reading a lot lately. I like watching my shows during the day, while working on a puzzle, and playing with the pups. Or I watch hockey with the husband. I don't think there's anything wrong with taking a break from reading ... I just hope I can get back to it soon!

    Yay for Gilmore Girls ... my FAVOURITE show!

  10. I'm behind this year too. :( Think it's mainly from starting a new job, working full time now. My friends keep trying to get me to get into Dr Who

  11. My biggest distractions from reading are actually writing and blogging. The three CANNOT get along. If I write and blog about that, it's okay. If I read and blog about that it's okay. If I ignore blogging to read and write, that's okay. But when I try to combine it all, I seem to crash and burn. Not sure why, but that's always been the case.


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