Monday, November 26, 2012

Scarlet Read-Along: Week 4 Discussion

Jessica from Thoughts at One in the Morning and I are proud to present the Scarlet Read-Along!
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This week's discussion topic:
Could you be one of the merry men?
I think I'd make a good member of Robin's band. Within the context of Scarlet, I could be the motherly figure...except I wouldn't want them to see me as a mother, more like one of their girlfriends (*cough*Robin*cough*). As much as I consider myself a modern woman, I’d have no problem being a housewife and doing the cooking and stuff...I mean it is the middle ages, it's not like I'd be out working anyway right? Plus I don't think I could steal or fight or hunt (although I've always wanted to learn to shoot a bow and arrow...just not to hunt. Archery competitions maybe?). I could take care of Robin, Scarlet, John, and Much, guard the cave, make sure they're fed, visit the people of Nottingham who are in need, that sort of thing. I think I'd be an asset to them (I said that really decidedly in my head because I really want to be part of their band lol).

What do you think? Could you be a merry man/part of Robin's band? Link up or leave comments below!


  1. That would be a great way to live back then. I mean, compared to being a housewife now. :P I don't know if I could hunt; if I HAD to, yes, but I wouldn't be able to touch it after I killed it. That seems ridiculous, but true. :P I'm a dork!


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