Friday, November 16, 2012

Scarlet Read-Along: Week 2 Link-up

Jessica from Thoughts at One in the Morning and I are proud to present the Scarlet Read-Along!
Want to join? It's not too late! You can check out the full reading and posting schedule, and sign up HERE

My thoughts on Scarlet for week 2:
*Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't read Scarlet*
Well, I’m still loving this book. LOVING it. Scarlet is such a complex character - an interesting mixture of hard and soft, tough and vulnerable. She has so many layers, and I love discovering new things about her. She’s still a bit of a mystery, but I like that things are being revealed slowly so that we’re left guessing at some parts.

I love that this book has a bit of everything - humor, action, romance (or potential romance), and light moments mixed with serious moments mixed with really tender moments. The part with Robin Hood and Scarlet and the baby…I'm not going to lie, I cried. It was just so beautiful and sweet. So far, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve swooned, I’ve cheered for certain characters and booed for others. I am officially in love with this book.

A few read-along related reminders:
Don't forget to enter the giveaway - we have signed Scarlet bookmarks! You get an extra entry if you participated this week.
Next week we'll be reading chapters 10-13, and the discussion topic for Monday is Who is Your Favourite Character?

What are your thoughts on Scarlet this week? Are you enjoying it? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or link up to your post. 


  1. I didn't cry, but I think I may have audibly "Awwww"-ed. And I'm going nuts over the potential romance. NUTS I TELL YA! :D

    This book is just splendid, I'm so glad we picked this one. I'm getting so much more out of it since we're all discussing it.

  2. Hi! So sorry I missed Wednesday - severe laptop problems. I agree with you, that scene was great. Also the scene where Robin opened up about the Crusades - I'm loving all the Robin/Scarlet tender moments.

  3. I'm kicking myself for not getting this one and joining you guys. I really wanted to but time and work and stress are all against me. :(


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