Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update Thursday #12

I got the idea for Update Thursday from the amazingly wonderful Jessica from Thoughts at One in the Morning. Every Thursday, I’ll be posting an update on my reading, writing, what’s going on at the blog, and anything else I think is worth mentioning. 

I participated in Kathy Coleman's cover + trailer + prologue reveal for her upcoming novel, Sealer's Promise. Kathy's giving away a book of your choice as part of the reveal, so be sure to enter!

I shared a totally epic book haul in my Stacking the Shelves vlog this week

This week's Music Monday song was Undermine from ABC's Nashville

I shared the very first excerpt from The Game Changer, along with a giveaway for people willing to help me spread the word about the book (via Twitter, Facebook, G+, blogs, etc)

I finally finished the final revisions of The Game Changer early this week. My alpha reader is going over it once more before I format it and send it out to reviewers. It’s such a relief to finally have it done, but I wish I had more time for pre-release reviews. It’s alright though, at least it’s done! *phew*

I signed up for NaNoWriMo yesterday (you can add me here if you're participating). A few of my writer friends kept telling me they thought I should do it, and since I’d been planning on starting book #4 soon anyway, I figured why not. I wanted to do it last year, but I was knee-deep in revisions for Blue Sky Days and didn’t have time. I’m really excited about the story I plan to write, and I’m anxious to get started. And extremely nervous, because I'm very self-competitive and when I set a goal, I need to accomplish it.

It’ll also be nice to finally have something to talk about on my author blog. It’s been pretty neglected since I started it, but I figure I’ll start a weekly update on NaNo, and maybe even talk about the story as I write…which will be new for me because I never talk about my writing as I’m working on it, and literally only two people know my plans for book #4. Since this book is going to be very different for me in a lot of ways, maybe my process should be too.

My sister-in-law has been sick all week, so I’ve had a break from Logan duty (he’s back today though), which is how I’ve managed to get so much done. I’ve drafted several reviews so I can just schedule them, and I’m going to try to do a bunch more (I’m like 15 reviews behind…I don’t know how that happened), plus a few other posts for November, and a few articles for the site I freelance with so that in November I can concentrate on NaNo and the Scarlet Read-Along.

I started watching Supernatural last week (I got all seven seasons on DVD). I’m six episodes in and loving it. I usually tweet while I watch it, and I’ve had so many people strike up conversations with me over the show, so that’s a fun added bonus. 

That's it for me this week. Every time I go on the NaNo site and see that little daily/hourly countdown thingy until November 1st, I want to barf. I'm excited and nervous and just want to get started because this story is yelling in my ear night and day. I'm worried that I won't be lucky enough to be able to write two books back to back in such a short time period - it took me three weeks to write book #3, what are the odds I can write the next book in 4 weeks? That would actually be kind of cool though - book 3 in 3 weeks, book 4 in 4 weeks...hmm....

What's new with you this week?  


  1. So glad you are loving Supernatural..i did tell you Dean is mine Right?!? You can have Sam..k? Hope your sister feels better and that you are enjoying Something Strange and Deadly. Happy Thursday!

  2. I'm glad you've been able to get so caught up on everything! It's a good feeling to have so much accomplished. I need to get there myself by the end of this month. AHH!!! The read-along is less than a week away now!!!!! :P

    With NaNo, all you need to worry about is writing 50,000 words... and all your books are much longer than that, so I'm sure you can reach that goal. ;)

  3. That must have been a nice break. I could desperately use one just to read! I'm so excited when anyone tells me they're watching Supernatural. I love that show!


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