Monday, September 10, 2012

Written Confessions Blog Hop

The Written Confessions blog hop is hosted by my awesome pal Patricia Lynne. Thanks for hosting this great event, Patricia!

A lot of people don’t know this, but I write erotica. I have a book of short erotic romance stories coming out in a week or two. Something even fewer people know: I got my start writing erotic fan fiction (no, it's nothing like 50 Shades of Grey, I promise). I draw the ‘confessions’ line at saying who it was about, but that’s how I got my start with this particular genre. 

I remember reading once that you shouldn’t write anything that makes you blush or that you wouldn’t want your mother to read. I used to have trouble just writing kissing scenes, let alone sex scenes (not a prude, just very shy!). I’d never thought of writing erotica until I had a writing partner and she got me into it using ‘characters’ we both loved. Once we split as writing partners, I enjoyed the writing so much I kept doing it - with my own original characters - and came up with a bunch of stories, a few of which I even had published online. Those stories were actually the first thing I ever had published and got paid for as a writer. So there’s a few confessions wrapped up in one!

Another writing confession: this one was prompted by our host, Patricia, when she mentioned jealousy in the sign up post for this hop. Here's the thing: I'm genuinely happy for my friends who succeed in this business, especially fellow indie authors. Sometimes it feels like we have as much going against us as we do going for us. So when a friend shares a success, I cheer for them, congratulate them, sometimes even let out a little cheer or do a happy dance on their behalf...and I honestly am happy for them. But that doesn't mean I'm not jealous sometimes. I wonder 'why them?' or 'why couldn't my book be that popular/get that recognition/win that award?' or 'why do they have so many Twitter/Facebook/blog followers?' On and on and on. It's petty, and I know that, but it doesn't stop that ugly little green monster from rearing its head. Success happens in different ways for different people. For some it seems to happen immediately, while others have to work for months or even years to be successful. I know that. But it doesn't stop the jealousy. *sigh*
Ok, time for you to 'fess up. Tell me some of your deep, dark secrets (I said that in a sinister voice in my head...god help me). Maybe that should have been one of my confessions - I'm a complete whackadoo.'s an occupational hazard, so it's ok. ;-)


  1. Now see, that confession totally surprised me. Since reading your book, which is a sweet lovely story, you never struck me as the type to pen erotica. But good for you! 1) it's good to branch out and 2)not every story needs racy sex scenes to be good (which I think is an important thing to know)

    Love that cover! I will have to check it out!

  2. I was the same when about intimate scenes when I first started writing. Still a little shy about it, but not enough to stop me.

    That cover for your shorts is BEAUTIFUL too. I love it.

  3. I am beginning to wonder what possessed me to attend this confessions blog hop because I am discovering things that I have forgotten about myself. My second story that I used to spend a lot of time writing on was quite erotic. Actually it was rather more of the BDSM genre. I am not sure if that would qualify as erotic but it was a lot of fun to write. Maybe someday I will publish some of it. Maybe.

    The jealousy thing, I think everyone feels at least a little bit once in awhile. I think it is part of being human.


  4. Great confession! I did a stint as a fanfic writer too so I know where you're coming from. I'm happy that you were able to turn your fanfic experiences and experiments into original stories you're proud of! :) Thanks for posting!

    Sarah @ The Writer's Experiment

  5. I write smut. Dirty, sweaty, male on male smut and I love it!

    I don't think many know that I got my start reading fan-fiction. After that is was all down hill.

  6. Fan fiction is how I got started writing too! I wrote erotic fan fiction a lot and I still do it occasionally. I have to get back into the swing of writing original content and not article writing.

    I feel you on the jealousy thing. I haven't published anything *yet* and I'm not jealous of those who have. I really like promoting indie authors cause everyone I meet, I can see myself where they are. So it's motivation for me to get out of my own way when it comes to writing. Right now though, my jealousy comes from normal everyday life. Like, why did my friend get a job offer before I did. I'm happy for her but the green eyed monster still pops up.

  7. Hmmmm dark secrets........ I'm a Christian but I'm fascinated with learning the differences in religions in particular Wiccan.......being a Southern Baptist Preachers kid that's a big thing in my world.
    There it is out there for the world to see! ;)


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