Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canadian Spotlight Month: Canadian Music

Just like Canada has produced some incredibly talented (and hot!) actors and actresses, we’ve also produced some amazing musical talent. We’re also known for our indie music, and for bands that start out indie and make a global splash.

Here's a list of some of Canada’s best musicians, songwriters, and bands. 

I'm not including pictures with this post, but the links lead to the musicians/bands official sites (or Twitter/Facebook/Wikipedia pages if they don't have an official site). I've also made a huge YouTube playlist with one song from each of these artists. I'd love for you to check it out!

Note: I struggled with how to do this list - so many musicians do crossover music, so it would be hard to group them by genre, so I decided to just do alphabetical order.

* = bands I've been lucky enough to see live 

Marie's Canadian Music Playlist

Blue Rodeo

Celine Dion



*Note, Johnny was born in Scotland, and if you’ve heard him speak, you’ve no doubt heard his super sexy Scottish accent, but he grew up here in Canada, and calls himself Canadian

Leonard Cohen

*Pilot Speed (formerly known as Pilate)

I mentioned the movie One Week when I was talking about Joshua Jackson in my Canadian Hotties post, and said that to me the whole movie is like a love song to Canada - the epicness that is this beautiful country, with a soundtrack of songs by Canadians. I'm seriously making it my mission in life to get everyone to see this movie, no matter where you're from. It is one of the best movies I've ever seen, but I only know a handful of people who have seen it because it was such a small indie movie. 

Who's your favourite Canadian band or musician? Were you surprised by anyone on the list? Did I miss anyone?

Be sure to check out my Canadian Hotties list from earlier in the month where I spotlight some of Canada's finest acting talent! There are pictures...go enjoy some eye candy! ;-)

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  1. Such a great list! I love being Canadian... So much pride! But you forgot Marianas Trench!!! I saw them in concert with Simple Plan and both bands were fantastic! Oh, and These Kids Wear Crowns! So many amazing Canadian bands/singers!

  2. Awesome list! My favourites have to be Hawksley Workman and Sarah Slean and Royal Wood ... all VERY hard-working Canadian musicians! I've watched Sarah evolve from a shy singer-songwriter to a wonderful symbol of Canada. She's absolutely amazing! (And married to the very good-looking and talented Royal Wood!)

    I'm also a Canadian singer-songwriter, though very small and unknown! You can listen to my stuff here:

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Diana Krall, Fefe Dobson, The Guess Who, Michael Buble, Nelly Furtado, Rush, Sum 41, and Tegan and Sara... I recently listened to Celine Dion and Fefe Dobson, and often I have Nelly Furtado pop up on shuffle. :)

  4. Canada has some GREAT artists! I grew up listening to Alanis Morissette, some Barenaked Ladies, Jann Arden, Our Lady Peace.

    Artists I've always loved/right now I am loving Tegan and Sara, Shania Twain, Sarah McLachlan (AMAZING live!), Nelly Furtado, Michael Buble (I'm crushing on him SUPER hard. That voice gives me shivers, haha!), Chantal Kreviazuk (great live), Carly Rae Jepsen (surprisingly better live!).

    Also, I didn't realize some of the groups I listened to when I was younger, such as the The Moffatts, Sky and Soul Decision were Canadian!

    Great list Marie. Thanks for letting me relive some musical memories :)

  5. To that you could add:

    Oscar Peterson (famous Jazz pianist; Montreal, Quebec)

    Susan Aglukark (her album "This Child" is awesome) (Manatoba)

    The Rankin Family ("Endless Seasons" is my favorite album by them) (Cape breton)

    Stormpin' Tom Conners (New Brunswick)

    Wilf Carter (Nova Scotia)

    The Wailin' Jennys. (They did add one US member recently, but up 'til then all their members were Canadian.)

    Roch Voisine (Although he usually sings in French, his English stuff is great and he has a totally lovely voice.) (New Brunswick)

    Paul Brandt (Country singer) (Calgary, Alberta)

    Michelle Wright (Country singer) (Ontario)

    George Canyon (Country singer) (Nova Scotia)

    Classified (rapper) (Nova Scotia)

    Natalie MacMaster (Nova Scotia)

    Lorenna McKennit (Manatoba)

    Carolyn Dawn Johnson (Alberta)

    Terri Clark (Montreal, Quebec)

    Lisa Brokop (British Columbia)

    There are *tons* of Canadian musicians. Just like there are tons of writers. It actually tends to surprise me when I find out people are from Canada. I don't get why but I have this default where I figure anything without an accent is from the U.S. until I hear otherwise.

    Which is ridiculous since I'm Canadian!

    Anyway a couple of those might be off, but for the most part I think the list I gave is fairly accurate.


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