Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Supporting the Student Refugee Program

Today I’m going to talk about something that’s off-topic from books, but that I feel is very important, so I wanted to reach out to the blogging community and my friends to ask for help.

My friend Brandy, who works tirelessly to make this world a better place, is getting ready to run a half marathon to raise money for The Student Refugee Program.

Here’s what Brandy is doing, in her own words:

“Apparently, I am going to run a half-marathon! Running a half (21 km) is something I've wanted to do for quite some time so now I'm going to do it and raise funds for my life's passion (WUSC's SRP) at the same time. For all of you doubters, here's my blog: 21kforchange.blogspot.ca so you can follow my adventure (just copy and paste). I've done crazy things before all for a good cause, such as shaving off 10-inches of gorgeous black hair. Here I go again...

Brandon University WUSC has enabled over 30 student refugees to settle in Brandon and pursue post-secondary studies. Every year, Brandon University brings one student for a 12-month sponsorship. We provide financial, academic, social, and cultural support throughout the year and ensure that the student is in a position to be successfully independent after the sponsorship comes to an end.

For the first time, Brandon University WUSC is financially capable of bringing 2 student refugees to Brandon. This is an incredible achievement and a goal I have personally been working to achieve since I became involved with WUSC.

Dahabo, Murjan, Elias, Tegegn, Aden, Abdi, Abraham, and Mubarak (past sponsored students and, more importantly, friends) are champions of change and true examples of humility and all that is good in the world. Their stories have changed and shaped my life as I now know it.

By making a donation to my Student Refugee Program fundraising campaign, you are enabling student refugees like the 8 I have come to know so well, pursue their education and a better life in an environment free from violence and fear.

Thank you for your support!”

Please, please, please consider sponsoring Brandy in her endeavor - every dollar helps, and I know you’re a generous bunch. I know a lot of us, as book bloggers, spend hundreds of dollars a year on books, so it’s my hope that you can spare a few dollars for this cause. Click here to sponsor Brandy.

“If we open our minds, our hearts, and our wallets, we can change the world - one student at a time!” ~ Brandy

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