Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge: LaLa Land

I, like many other writers, basically live in LaLa Land - my own little world. Is it any wonder that we're generally an eccentric, sometimes crazy bunch when we spend so much time alone living inside our own heads, creating fictional worlds, and hearing voices in our heads? I think it's a wonder we're sane at all, honestly.
When I'm in the zone - really, truly in the zone and not allowing myself to be distracted by my Blackberry, or Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever else - everything fades away and I'm in my own world. My characters take over, and there are times when it feels like the story is writing itself (god, I hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that!). I love that feeling. As a writer, it's one of the best feelings in the world.  
Just in general everyday life, I know people probably think I'm standoffish, but between being extremely shy, having social anxiety issues, and being accustomed to spending so much time living inside my own head, I probably do seem strange. Do I care? Not usually. The people who matter understand what I'm like, or if they're interested they'll take the time to learn why I'm so quiet (it's often because I'm busy eavesdropping on conversations and mentally taking notes). My family understands that I'm totally nuts, and loves me despite - or maybe even because - of it. And to be perfectly honest, there are a lot of times I'd rather be having an internal conversation with my characters than having a real conversation with some people.
It can be pretty lonely at times. Lonely, another good L word for today. I do spend a lot of time alone, but I don't really feel like I'm alone because my characters become real to me. Most of the time, I'm ok with being a hermit, but sometimes I do wish I had more of a life - more friends, people to do things with and go places with. My sister's really the only friend who bothers with me these days, because she understands my weird schedule, and I amuse her with my randomness. She doesn't really have any interest in my world of books and writing, and although I do wish I had more people to share it with, it's nice to sometimes get away from it and separate myself from it so it doesn't consume me and I don't get completely lost in LaLa Land. Plus it's also nice to be a normal girl sometimes and just be silly and stupid and laugh until we feel sick and swoon over cute boys in movies and talk about everything and nothing.

What about you? Have you visited LaLa Land, or are you a fellow inhabitant? Maybe we're neighbours and we don't even know it! ;-)


  1. Most humans annoy me, and I don't trust most of them, so for that reason, and others, I'm a happy hermit. My husband is my best friend, and I'm very close to my two children. (When you have that, you don't require a lot of friends.) I'm a loner, weird, anti-social and fill-in-the-blank. However, most writers I know share similar traits. The day I quit my job to work from home and become a full-time writer was the best day of my life. People who need a lot of people around them would never do well with the life I have...and love.

  2. I've been in LaLa Land yesterday and will continue today! Two days off work and I'm surprisingly on a roll. I think we might be neighbors... :)

  3. I love lala land. It's fab. I spend as much time there as I can.

    PS I grew up on the border of Canada & know the anthem. [WNY/Fort Erie/Niagara Falls]. I was a big hockey fan, too.

  4. This post made me smile - I definitely escape into my imagination pretty often!


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