Saturday, February 11, 2012

A bit of Saturday randomness

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Well, the blog has been pretty quiet this week. I've done a few reviews, but nothing else because I've been so busy with other things and didn't really have anything to blog about. 

I just have a few random things to talk about today.

Current WIP
My current work in progress is coming along nicely. I passed the 25,000 word mark yesterday, and I'm happy with where it's going so far. My characters have already sort of developed minds of their own and have taken over, and now I'm just enjoying the ride. I haven't told anyone any details yet, but hopefully soon I can start revealing bits and pieces, and maybe even posting teasers. 

The Blue Sky Days tour is almost at an end. Tuesday the 14th is the last day. I'm happy and sad that it's ending. It's been a long, emotional four weeks. People have (for the most part) been amazing, and I feel really blessed. Once the tour is done, I'll write about it a bit more in depth, but for now, I just wanted to direct you all to the tour page (linked above), where you can find the amazing line-up of bloggers who have participated in the tour. Which leads me to the next thing...

There are still a few ebook giveaways for Blue Sky Days going on as part of the tour. I'm also giving away a copy as part of Project Tell Taylor, and I'll be offering a copy in the I <3 YA Giveaway Hop, which starts on Valentine's Day. 

Blue Sky Days Valentine's Day Sale
To celebrate Valentine's Day, love, and romance, I'm having my very first sale for Blue Sky Days. From today until Wednesday February 15th, the book will be half price ($1.99) on Kindle and Smashwords. The Kindle version is already discounted on its own, but if you don't have a Kindle and want to buy the book from Smashwords (available in all e-formats), just use this code: MA55B and you can get the book for half price. I'd greatly appreciate any help in spreading the word about this sale! 

Valentine's Day Blogging Event - Who Do You Love?
 Kathy from I Write, I Read, I Review is having a great Valentine's Day contest and giveaway. If you blog about your favorite book boy and talk about why you love him and what makes him so great, you'll be entered into a giveaway to win TWO books. If you don't have time to blog about your book crush, don't have a blog, or would rather keep your crush a secret, Kathy's giving everyone a chance to win a book just by entering the giveaway. So you have two chances to win! Be sure to stop by Kat's blog and either enter the giveaway, or link to your post about your favorite book boy. I'll be posting my book crush post on Monday! I'm doing something kinda fun for least it's fun to me lol. Plus, while you're over at Kat's blog...have a little look on the top right hand side of her blog and check out which book is her pick of the month! *big silly grin*

I think that's it for me today. I'll be back tomorrow with my IMM, and will hopefully have a regular blogging schedule this coming week. I'm reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor right now and loving it, so I'll probably have that review up for you guys later in the week.  

Have a great Saturday! What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is an amazing book. I'm so thrilled that a writer/agent/editor went with such a literary YA fantasy ms.


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