Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I survived the Blue Sky Days launch!

Well, I survived the Blue Sky Days launch party. I spent weeks planning it out, and I think it went well. Not as many people participated as I had hoped, but I'm incredibly grateful for the people who did come out to celebrate and show their support. It meant so much to me!

My baby is now out there in the world. Well, it has been for awhile, through reviewers and the earlier-than-planned release, but now it's official. I'm a published author. That still leaves me flabbergasted.

The blog tour is underway, and there are other features happening in the blog world. Be sure to check the tour schedule for the full line-up of incredible bloggers taking part in the tour. There are three e-book giveaways for Blue Sky Days going on right now, so if you'd like to win a copy of the book, be sure to check those out.


Here's a run-down of what's happened so far with the tour and a few other features:

Review by Jessica from Thoughts at One in the Morning

Excerpt and giveaway by Jessica from Thoughts at One in the Morning

Review and giveaway by Michelle at Much Loved Books

Michelle from Much Loved Books also cross-posted her review to The Carousel, along with some fun facts about me

Author showcase/interview at Amanda Leigh Cowley's blog

Review and giveaway from Tami at Krazy Book Lady

Indie Frenzy from Ashely at The Bookish Brunette


This is random, but related, so I thought I'd include it: I watched Amanda Hocking on Anderson Cooper's talk show today (it was yesterday's episode, but we're a day behind here for some reason). For those of you who don't know who Amanda Hocking is - what rock have you been living under?? Seriously though, she's this insanely popular, best-selling indie author who has sold over 1 million copies of her e-book and now has a publishing deal with St. Martin's Press. When I first started researching indie publishing, it didn't take me long to come across her blog and articles about her, and her story was part of what pushed me into self-publishing. She's such an inspiration. I hope I can have even a fraction of her success. 

Thank you again to everyone who has shown so much support over the last few weeks and months. You guys have kept me going and kept me sane when I've felt like I'm on a never-ending merry-go-round. I'll be starting my next writing project this week - something unexpected that popped into my head the other night. I had planned to work on a story I thought up several years ago, but the characters from this new book want their story told and won't leave me alone!


  1. Congrats, Marie! Your book will do great. =D

  2. Congrats!, i 'm really happy everything went well

    don't worry if we weren't as many as you thought thats' the quality that counts and more will learn about your book with the blog tour

    all the best

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad to hear you like the idea of my "New Adult" reading challenge - would love it if you took part :) And congrats on your book launch!

  4. Aww I'm sorry I wasn't around for the whole tour, we're on different time zones so I was asleep for some lol
    Looking forward to reading your next book so get to work and write it!

  5. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    I am so prod of you / happy for you!


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