Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tune in Tuesday Week 7 - The Killers cover U2

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger at GReads that showcases music.  Music for me is right up there with reading and writing, so even though this particular meme isn't about reading and writing, I thought it would be a fun one to participate in. If you're interested in participating, be sure to check out Ginger's blog so you can spread your love of music!

If you've been to the blog before, you'll probably know that I am a huge U2 fan. I do a U2 lyric for Tune in Tuesday every week at the end of my post. This week, my song of choice comes from the 20th anniversary cover album of U2's Achtung Baby. All the songs on the album are covered by singers/bands like The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Gavin Friday, Patti Smith, Snow Patrol, and a bunch of others.

Now...I love U2...I also love The Killers (they'll end up on Tune in Tuesday with their own songs one of these days...I've loved them since they were a little-known indie band, and I even saw them the first time they did a concert in Canada). UltraViolet (Light My Way) is one of my favorite U2 songs (I pretty much would have sold my soul to hear them play it live on the 360 tour, but they did Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me instead...which ended up being ok, because Bono stopped right in front of me and waited while my camera had a spaz attack and the picture wouldn't take...yeah, best moment of my life). When I heard about the cover album, I was wary. No one compares to U2 (in my humble opinion), so I didn't think anyone could really do their songs justice. 

The Killers' version of UltraViolet was the first song I listened to from the cover album. My first thought was I didn't like the beginning...I love U2's beginning where it comes in all soft and ethereal and Bono's voice is low and sexy, then it's all guitar and bass and drums and pure awesomeness. BUT...a few seconds in, I was like 'ooh, interesting'. It's got this funky bass-heavy beat, and Brandon Flowers' voice is great - he even kind of sounds like Bono for a second in or two parts of the song. It became my obsession song after hearing it, and I had it on replay for hours. Of course, nothing will ever come close to the original, but I really do love this version.

"You bury your treasure
Where it can't be found
But your love is like a secret
That's been passed around
There is a silence that comes to a house
Where no one can sleep
I guess it's the price of love
I knot it's not cheap"

~Ultraviolet (Light My Way) - U2 - from Achtung Baby~


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