Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book covers and trailers and swag - oh my!

I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round - but I don't want to get off!
Ever since I finished the 2nd revision of my novel last week and sent it off to my 4 (amazingly talented, wonderful, gifted, couldn't-do-it-without-them) beta readers, my mind has been going a million miles a minute.  There's so much to do and so much to think about.  I've got a break from reading, editing and rewriting, but now it's time to think book covers, trailers, publicity, etc. 

I've been searching for pictures to use as the book cover and have found a few good candidates.  Ideally, I would take the picture myself, but without models, it makes it a wee bit difficult.  I've also found some pretty good pictures for the trailer, have started checking out music for it, and discovered that I have Movie Maker on my computer and won't have to pay someone thousands of dollars for a minute-long trailer.  Since my budget for this book is next to nothing, that's a good thing!

I've come up with a huge list of ideas for publicity, and have had the help of my very own 'publicist', Jaime-Kristal, who is as full of ideas and enthusiasm as I am, as well as lots of help and info from self-published author Helen Laibach.  I've even started making a list of people who are interested in reviewing the book once it's done, and there's a blog tour in the works.  And to think, the book isn't even 100% complete yet!  It's all very exciting to me - I'm finally living my dream.

I'd like some input from all the lovely people in the blogosphere who review books, participate in giveaways and contests, etc.  What do you look for in a good book trailer?  What makes them really stand out, and what kinds of things do you think should be avoided?  Do you have a favorite book trailer?  Also, when you're participating in a giveaway, what kind of swag really draws your attention?  I have a few simple ideas like bookmarks, and one great, unique idea that I'm pretty excited about (and that will remain a secret for now), but I want to know what you guys think.  If you won something in a giveaway other than a book, what kinds of things would you like to receive that are related to that book?  

I would greatly appreciate any input and suggestions, and feel free to leave links to your favorite book trailers if you'd like.  Also, in case you missed the banner at the top of this blog, if you're interested in receiving a copy of my book when it's ready to go (most likely in PDF) in exchange for an honest review, please let me know.  Also, if you're interested in joining the blog tour, hosting an interview, guest post, giveaway, or anything else, let me know that, too.  You can read a synopsis of my novel, Blue Sky Days, here.


  1. Have you ever checked out ? It is FULL of ways to get free publicity!

  2. Marie - Here's a link to nice trailer for a book called "The Lantern" by Deborah Lawrenson which is just coming out in book stores. The video just basically builds up the atmosphere for this gothic romance. Deborah lives in the old house in France that is the setting for her novel. I actually won a copy of the book through her blog drawing (there's another idea for you...)


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