Thursday, June 20, 2019

Maybe You Release Day!

Today is the day: Maybe You is out in the world! I’m so happy/excited/nervous/relieved this book is finally out. This is my thirteenth (!!!) time hitting that Publish button and it never gets less nerve-wracking, but it’s also exhilarating. Not a day goes by I don’t thank my lucky stars I’m able to do what I love - tell stories, entertain people, and hopefully touch and inspire them.

Meredith and Kieran’s story was so much fun to write. The idea of a ‘professional cuddler’ (yes, it’s a real thing!) fighting her growing feelings for a client - a client who happens to be adorable and Irish - really appealed to me. Especially since not only is Meredith fighting her feelings for Kieran, she’s also dealing with personal demons, namely grief and depression - two things I’m, unfortunately, well acquainted with. While Meredith learns to navigate the bumpy roads of her new life, plus try to deny her growing feelings for Kieran, she’s supported by incredible friends, reminded how much she’s loved, and she gets to have some fun along the way (including a trip to my favourite Canadian city, Kingston - more about that in the coming weeks!).

Read on for more about the book!

Some rules are meant to be broken...

Meredith has rules. As a “professional cuddler” at Human Touch Companions, it’s a necessity. Her number one rule: Don’t get attached to clients and don’t let them get attached to her. She’s never had a problem with that until she meets Kieran.

The adorable Irishman hires Meredith for emotional support in facing his estranged family, but he’s the one who ends up comforting her as she tries to come to terms with her beloved mother’s slide into the heartbreaking abyss of Alzheimer’s. It's only when Meredith sees how much she's leaning on Kieran that she realizes she's blurred the lines between professional and personal, but even worse? She’s broken her number one rule. She’s gotten attached to a client.

Meredith knows the best solution is to resume a strictly professional relationship. But Kieran makes her feel something she never thought she'd feel again. Surely that's worth breaking her own rules for?

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Meredith was first introduced in my last book, Only You, as a side character. Only You and Maybe You can both be read as standalones, but if you'd like to read Only You this would be the perfect time to snag a copy because it's also just 99 cents! This one is currently only available on Kindle, and you can read it free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


  1. I love your blog title, but I'm not sure what you meant by the subtitle. If you're talking about your book, it would make sense. Does simply gram work


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