Friday, April 26, 2019

Title and Synopsis Reveal of my Next Contemporary Romance

I’m so excited to share some details about my next contemporary romance with you! I’ve been working on this book since last autumn, and it’s almost ready to go out into the world. Maybe You is a standalone romance. The heroine was first introduced in my last book, Only You. While there are familiar characters in Maybe You, it can 100% be read on its own. That being said, I do think the reading experience will be a bit richer for those who have read Only You because Ivy and Hugh play an important role in Meredith’s story. I had so much fun writing this book. I got the idea last year, before I even knew Meredith would be getting her own story. I thought it would be a complete standalone, separate from anything else I’d written, and I thought it would be a romcom. By the time I finished writing Only You and knew I wanted to write Meredith’s story, the idea for my completely separate book (I even had the main character’s name chosen!) kept overlapping with Meredith’s story, and soon became hers. I’ll talk more about the characters and the story in the coming weeks, but for today, I wanted to share a few details, along with the synopsis.

Some rules are meant to be broken… Meredith has rules. As a “professional cuddler” at Human Touch Companions, it’s a necessity. Her number one rule: Don’t get attached to clients and don’t let them get attached to her. She’s never had a problem with that until she meets Keiran. The adorable Irishman hires Meredith for emotional support in facing his estranged family, but he’s the one who ends up comforting her as she tries to come to terms with her beloved mother’s slide into the heartbreaking abyss of Alzheimer’s. It's only when Meredith sees how much she's leaning on Keiran that she realizes she's blurred the lines between professional and personal, but even worse? She’s broken her number one rule. She’s gotten attached to a client. Meredith knows the best solution is to resume a strictly professional relationship. But Keiran makes her feel something she never thought she'd feel again. Surely that's worth breaking her own rules for?

Add Maybe You on Goodreads

Maybe You will be hitting e-readers on Thursday, May 23rd. The cover is almost finished and will likely be revealed a week or two before the book’s release. I’ll be having a short 3-day 99 cent preorder, and for those who don’t want to/can’t preorder I’ll leave the price at 99 cents through release day and the next day. If you’d like to be sure to snag a copy for that price (regular price will be $2.99), I’ve created a sign-up form for a one-time notification where you can choose to receive an email from me either when the preorder goes live or on release day. If you’d like to receive the one-time notification (and I really do mean one time; you won’t be added to my mailing list or sent anything other than a release notification), you can sign up here.

If you haven't read Only You and you'd like to meet Meredith before reading Maybe You (plus meet Ivy and Hugh, who are pretty damn great if I do say so myself), you can get a copy of Only You for just $2.99 on Kindle or read it free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Want to get a better feel for Meredith and Keiran's story before it comes out? Check out my Maybe You Pinterest board and my Maybe You Spotify Playlist.


  1. This sounds so good! Are professional cuddlers a real thing? Like I could go find a human emotional support team? Let me have this dream, Haha

    1. Thank you! And haha yes, they're totally a real thing! I first heard someone talking about it on Twitter last year and went looking for more info.


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