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Don't have a Kindle? You can get THE GAME CHANGER for 99 cents on Smashwords in any format using the coupon code HH88L

A year ago today I released my second novel, THE GAME CHANGER. I'm not going to lie: I didn't necessarily have the highest hopes for it. I loved it and thought it was a good story, but my first book was upper YA/NA, so I thought people wouldn't really be interested in an 'adult' book from me. I couldn't have been more wrong. To this day, THE GAME CHANGER is by far my best seller. I honestly thought there must be a mistake when it started selling so many copies. A month and three days after its release (on my 29th birthday of all days), the book made the top 100 on Amazon's list of women's fiction. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I put Melody's story out there for the world to read. She, Olivia, Julian, and Ava are still among my favourite characters I've ever written. 

To celebrate THE GAME CHANGER's first birthday, I've reduced the price to 99 cents for the next three days. The price is automatically lowered on Kindle, but not on other book sites - sorry! However, if you want to buy a copy and don't own a Kindle, you can get the book in any format at Smashwords, using the coupon code HH88L.

Melody Cartwright has never had a problem with change, but for the first time in her life the changes are beyond her control—she suddenly has a niece she never knew, but has to prove herself to; her best friend is making huge life changes of her own; and she has to deal with her ex and his crazy new girlfriend who has stalker tendencies.

When Melody meets confident, sexy Julian, she’s not interested in a relationship. He tells her it’s possible for a man and a woman to just be friends, and despite his ultra-charming ways there’s something about him that makes Melody believe he could be right.

During a time of change and turmoil, it doesn’t take long for Julian to become everything Melody never knew she needed in her life. But is it possible for them to remain ‘just friends’ or will Melody be a game changer for Julian the playboy?


From that moment on, time passed in a blur of moving bodies and sweet, fruity drinks. Melody was always at least vaguely aware of her surroundings, and made sure never to let Olivia or Angelica out of her sight. She forgot about Rick, forgot about everything but the need to move her feet and arms and hips in time to the music. The bass vibrated up through the floor and pumped like adrenaline through her body, throbbing inside her as if it were a living thing.

She saw Julian a few times, mingling near the bar or sitting and talking to someone on the couches where Rick had been earlier. Melody found herself scanning the crowd for him, wondering if he ever came onto the dance floor. With her brain muddled from the alcohol, she wasn’t sure if it was seconds or hours later when she discovered him standing on the steps that led down to the dance floor.

Her heart stopped when their eyes met. She still didn’t know what colour his eyes were, but they appeared almost black from this distance as they swept over her. His gaze was intense as it settled on hers. When he descended the last few steps onto the dance floor and walked toward her, Melody’s head started to swim from more than just the fruity drinks.

Taller than nearly everyone else on the dance floor, Julian somehow managed to look almost graceful as he wound his way through dancing couples toward her. Out of the corner of her eye, Melody saw Angelica nudge Olivia with her elbow, and the two of them turned to stare at Julian as he approached.

The minute Julian stopped in front of her the song changed, almost as if on cue. All night, the songs had been heavy on bass, but this song had a slower, sexier, almost languid beat to it that sent a shiver rolling up Melody’s spine.

Julian’s lips curved into a hint of a smile. One of the rotating spotlights on the ceiling passed over him, and Melody finally saw that his eyes were a dark chocolate brown. In the back of her mind, she heard the words ‘bedroom eyes’, and the description seemed fitting since she could imagine the deep bass song being played during intimate moments in the darkness of a bedroom.

Julian moved behind her, pressing his body against the length of her back and resting one hand on her hip. Heat rushed to Melody’s cheeks as their bodies began to move in time to the music. She could feel the steady, slightly accelerated thump of his heartbeat against her back, and tried to ignore how tightly her bottom was pressed to his groin.

She had never danced with anyone like this before. Usually when guys asked her to dance it was to a faster beat, and they remained face-to-face. When she was out with Olivia in Toronto, she tried to avoid the slow dance portion at the end of the night, because she knew Rick wouldn’t like the idea of her dancing that close with other guys. Not that he ever wanted to dance that close with her. She could remember only one time they had slow danced—at her cousin’s wedding—and there had been at least a foot of space between them as they danced with hands on hips and shoulders, reminding her of elementary school dances in musty gymnasiums.

Julian bent his head and pressed his face into Melody’s hair. She inhaled sharply, surprised by the gesture. When he remained like that, Melody’s eyes drifted closed, and she drank in the moment with all her alcohol-soaked senses.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said into her ear, causing renewed shivers to race up her spine.

The song switched into something with a faster tempo, and someone took Melody’s hand. Her eyes flew open and focused on Olivia’s smiling face. After a beat of staring at her best friend, she realized Julian was no longer behind her. Had she imagined the whole thing? Blacked out and dreamed those wonderful four minutes and the words he’d said to her?
Now, this is unrelated, but since I'm talking about my books I thought I'd share this announcement here. My new holiday novella, THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR, is having a book blitz! It's being hosted by YA Bound Book Tours and will run from December 2nd - 9th. I'll be super grateful to everyone who signs up and will shower you with love and virtual cupcakes. 
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