Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Double Click by Lisa Becker

Double Click by Lisa Becker
Series: Click, #2
Published: March 27th, 2013
Publisher: Self-published
146 pages (ebook)
Genre: Women’s fiction/romance
Acquired this book: From the author in exchange for an honest review
Warning: Will contain spoilers if you haven’t read Click: An Online Love Story
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Fans of the romantic hit Click: An Online Love Story will enjoy another voyeuristic dive into the lives of Renee, Shelley, Ashley, Mark and Ethan, as Double Click picks up with their lives six months later. Are Renee and Ethan soul mates? Does Mark ever go on a date? Has Shelley run out of sexual conquests in Los Angeles? Will Ashley's judgmental nature sabotage her budding relationship? Through a marriage proposal, wedding, new baby and unexpected love twist, Double Click answers these questions and more. Readers will continue to cheer, laugh, cry and cringe following the email exploits of Renee and friends.

Double Click picks up shortly after where Click left off. A lot has changed in the last few months - we have a few additions to the gang, and a few surprises in store.

Life is changing for Renee. Things are getting serious with Ethan (I didn't say this in my review of Click because I wanted to avoid spoilers, but I LOVE ETHAN. I'm so glad Renee ended up with him), Ashley and Mark are both involved with people, and Shelley seems to be keeping things from Renee. They’re all as close as they ever were, but you can see the dynamics changing within the group.

I loved that we got to see the romance that started in the first book carrying on through the second. Ethan was my choice from his very first email to Renee, and I think they’re so great together. However, I loved that it wasn’t all sunshine and roses for them. Their relationship was realistic - Ethan wasn’t perfect, and neither was their relationship. They had issues, and it was nice to see a romance that wasn’t ‘romanticized’ (and this is coming from a romance junkie); I thought it was a nice change from the norm.

I was really sad for Double Click to end. I got really attached to these characters, and I enjoyed seeing into their lives through their emails. The ending was bittersweet - I actually cried - but it was realistic, which I liked. Even though they’re a group of adults, it felt like really getting to watch these people grow up in a lot of ways, and that was fun, funny, enlightening, and emotional. I enjoyed Click and Double Click immensely (so much so that I gave copies to my mum as a gift, and she loved them too!), and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, especially to fans of women’s fiction and romance. 

Have you read Click or Double Click? What did you think? 
Have you ever joined an online dating site? Do you have any stories to share?

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