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Anna and the French Kiss Read-Along Week 2 Discussion

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The Anna and the French Kiss Read-a-long is hosted by Molli from Once Upon a Prologue and Suz from A Soul Unsung

At the end of what we read last, St Clair asked Anna a question that could change their friendship. Would you answer the same way?

I think so. As much as I might want to answer differently, and as much as it’s like ‘hello, he just gave you the opening you needed, TAKE IT’, St. Clair clearly needs a friend right now, and doesn’t need extra crap heaped on top of him to worry about.

Anna realizes in Chapter 17 that she and St Clair will both be spending their Thanksgiving break at school, basically alone. How do you think this changes their relationship?

It’s the first time they’ve been truly alone. They hang out together and even do stuff on their own, but this is different. They’re ALONE and they know they won’t be interrupted/distracted. I don’t see how it could help but change their relationship. Plus, Anna was the first person who was really able to reach St. Clair after the news about his mum, and I think that’s pretty meaningful. 

BTW, those few days alone in the dorm = one of my favourite parts of the book. 

Anna and St Clair’s relationship changes even more over the Christmas holiday. Do you think either of them realizes just HOW much?

I think they both sense it. Things had been a bit strained between them since Thanksgiving, but over Christmas break, they talk constantly and get closer. They share things, confide in each other, and lean on each other when they have nobody else. I think it’s a real eye-opener for both of them.

Anna has a big realization about her relationship with St Clair at the end of chapter 30. Discuss!

It’s kind of funny to me that it hit her like a frying pan in the face. It made me love her even more because it was this totally believable OMG moment that a lot of us have probably had. She knew she liked him, she knew she liked him and wanted him, but it was so much more than that. 

How do you think Anna will deal with her new feelings for St Clair?

I think it could potentially make things really awkward. If you’ve ever kinda-sorta liked someone and then realized it was more than that, you feel different, you wonder if they can sense it, you wonder if they feel the same - it’s just a whole lot of nervousness and wondering and worrying and everything else. Throw in the fact that St. Clair still has a girlfriend, and it’s even more of a mess, because as far as Anna knows, their relationship can never go further than friendship. If I were her and all of sudden realized I had these really strong feelings and was pretty sure he did too but he stayed with Ellie...well, I'd be pissed and it would be hard not to show it, and I think a lot of other girls would feel the same.


  1. I loved that Anna and St. Clair got some alone time over the holidays .... I think that was one of my favourite parts, too. :)

  2. I loved the Thanksgiving break part- they were so cute together. It was a turning point for them I think. Great book!

  3. Those days with them alone in the dorms is one of my very most favorite parts, as well. There's that awkwardness, but them getting closer, and an almost painful sensualness to that section that I didn't expect. Love it so much.


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