Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge: Book Blogging

It was after the A to Z Challenge last year that I decided to turn Ramblings of a Daydreamer into a book blog. Before the challenge, I had no idea there were so many people out there who shared my passion for amazing books and authors. Book blogging has brought me more pleasure than I can even express...but I'm going to try!

8 Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger

1. I get to talk about books and writing, my two favorite things.
2. I get to meet incredible people who share my interests.
3. Hardly any of my ‘real life’ friends read, so I have no one else to talk books with. Blogging has opened up a world of hundreds of people who share my obsession.
4. I usually stick to talk of books and writing, but when I want to talk about random things, like my family or a trip I took or something fun I did, I love that people still care. It’s not all about the books.
5. I get to participate in blog tours and help other authors promote their work.
6. For the first time in my life, I feel like my opinion really matters. It makes me feel so good when someone reads a review I wrote and tells me they’re now going to read the book because of my recommendation.
7. Challenges. This year, I signed up for over a dozen reading challenges - overall numbers of books, different genres of books, etc. I love a challenge, and it’s helping to keep me on track with my reading. Plus, of course, the A to Z Challenge, which is going to keep me blogging regularly!
8. Events. Blog hops, weekly memes, blog tours, giveaways, themed discussions, birthday and anniversary celebrations, etc. There’s always a ton of great events going on in the blogosphere where you have the opportunity to meet fellow book bloggers, share the love, and usually have a chance to win great prizes, which is a bonus!

Those are just some of the many reasons I love being a book blogger. I feel so blessed to have met so many incredible people, and to have had a chance to read a bunch of books I might not have normally read.

What are some of the things you love most about blogging?



  1. Aww..and we love hearing your opinions and chatting about books with you too :)

  2. I started book blogging because I had been in a book club before I moved to England, and then had no one else to talk with about books. But it turned more in to reading outside of my comfort zone and, more importantly, keeping track of what I have read! I came across GoodReads - and they had the BookSwap at the time... a perfect way to get new books! One day I will make it through all of the books that I got from that!

  3. Great list! You had me at #1 - I could talk about books and writing all day long. Can't wait to see the rest of your posts for the challenge.

  4. Thanks for the list! It's so easy to get caught up in the Internet, and you wonder where all that time went.

    Mary Montague Sikes

  5. I agree with many of your list points. Especially blog hops, I love doing those. It really gets me commenting like I should because I don't always do that as often as I like.

  6. It *is* fun to review books on a blog. It's always nice to hear back from a reader that they really enjoyed a book that you recommended!

    I think #4 is important for any blog. I always enjoy hearing a little bit about the author.

  7. The A to Z Challange definitely gives us the opportunity to develop a more structured routine for blogging. (Although last year I was so exhausted after 26 days, I didn't blog for almost a month. this year I am more preparted.)
    Sometimes it is as much fun to read about books as it is to actually read books. I like your blog setup. Theme: A World of Crime

  8. A great list. My real life friends don't read either. Go figure.

  9. there are a lot of book bloggers out there which is good for the author bloggers. I could never book blog because I read too slow. But I love blogging because it gets some of my writing out there.

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  10. I used to do a lot of book blogging as well and I loved the community! (I don't read as much as I used to so keeping a book blog isn't right for me anymore-- though I do sometimes post short reviews/thoughts on my current blog!) I agree that it's really good for authors-- word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to advertise a book, especially if the author is new or relatively unknown.

    Aside from being able to share my writing and thoughts, one of my favorite things about blogging (generally) is the networking. You meet so many awesome people-- I love connecting both face-to-face and in writing, so it's fun for me to have wide access to all the amazing people out there!


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