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Romantic Comedy Review: Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley

Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley
Published: May 25th, 2021

Publisher: Graydon House

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Heat rating: 🔥🔥

# of pages: 320

My rating: 4.5 stars

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Warning: This review contains marked spoilers

Kara Sullivan’s life is full of love—albeit fictional. As a bestselling romance novelist and influential bookstagrammer, she’s fine with getting her happily-ever-after fix between the covers of a book.

But right now? Not only is Kara’s best friend getting married next week—which means big wedding stress—but the deadline for her next novel is looming, and she hasn’t written a single word. The last thing she needs is for her infuriating first love, Ryan Thompson, to suddenly appear in the wedding party. But Ryan’s unexpected arrival sparks a creative awakening in Kara that inspires the steamy historical romance she desperately needs to deliver.

With her wedding duties intensifying, her deadline getting closer by the second and her bills not paying themselves, Kara knows there’s only one way for her to finish her book and to give her characters the ever-after they deserve. But can she embrace the unlikely, ruggedly handsome muse—who pushes every one of her buttons—to save the wedding, her career and, just maybe, write her own happy ending?

Talk Bookish to Me is basically a love letter to the romance genre. Our heroine, Kara, is a romance author, a fierce defender of the genre, and a bookstagrammer (so she’s basically me). She’s spent months unable to write her next book and, with her deadline looming, is getting desperate. When she’s reunited with her first love - the guy who broke her heart ten years ago, and who she still harbours a ton of resentment toward - she’s both irritated and intrigued to discover his presence has unblocked her creative flow.

This book was so charming. It had me laughing within the first few pages, and I connected easily to Kara. I loved the combination of second chance and enemies-to-lovers; Kara and Ryan clearly had unresolved feelings for each other and despite the initial anger they felt toward each other for all that had happened, they couldn’t deny their lingering feelings or the chemistry between them. I also really enjoyed the friendship dynamics between Kara and her two best friends and how supportive they were.

Now, here’s where we get into spoiler territory: Cheating is usually a deal-breaker for me. If I’d known that aspect of the plot going in, I’m not sure I would have read this book, which would have been a shame because I genuinely enjoyed it. The way it all happened made me sad, angry, and disappointed in Ryan. I feel so torn because what he did was wrong and inexcusable, but...I appreciated how it all worked out? People make mistakes and while this was a colossal one, he and Kara were clearly in love and were meant for each other. I do wish there had been some other conflict because it feels icky seeming like I’m ‘okay’ with the cheating aspect. I’m not okay with it, but Ryan knew what he did was wrong and was willing to face the consequences. People aren’t perfect and we can’t expect fictional characters to be either. As an author herself and a champion of romance, Kara knew that better than anyone, and I feel like her decision to forgive Ryan was an informed one. She loved him enough to forgive him and forge ahead with a relationship. As readers, our viewpoint is subjective and we bring our own personal biases and histories, so I completely understand how that part of the book will be a hard no for some people. // End spoilers

I think Talk Bookish to Me will be a hit with many romance readers. It definitely was with me! I’ll look forward to more books from Kate Bromley.

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