Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Stuff Your E-Reader With Free Romance Reads (Including MAYBE YOU in Honour of Mental Health Awareness Month)

Today my standalone contemporary romance, Maybe You, is one of over 200 books that are available for free!

This is the first time I’ve ever offered one of my books for free outside of giveaways. It took me awhile to decide which book to offer but I decided on Maybe You for two reasons:

1) This book was originally supposed to be published last May, but then I landed in the hospital for a week and a half and had to push back the publication to June. My recovery was slow and I had major post-surgery brain fog, so when the book finally released, I didn’t promote it as much as I normally would, and I feel like Meredith and Kieran's story never got the attention it deserved.

2) May is Mental Health Awareness Month; throughout the course of the book, Meredith struggles with her mental health. Circumstances have led her to think she’s lost her spark and her lust for life because of grief, but she eventually has to acknowledge the fact she’s struggling with something more: depression.

I love this book so much and I’m incredibly proud of it. Meredith’s struggles with both grief and depression were drawn from real-life experience, and they’re things I think are so important to see in books.

If you enjoy sweet, sexy, funny, heartfelt, and hopeful slow-burn romances that mix a bit of friends-to-lovers with the forbidden (Kieran starts out as one of Meredith’s clients and she has a rule about not dating clients), plus have strong elements of friendship and self-discovery, I hope you’ll download your free copy of Maybe You on Kindle today or tomorrow. And be sure to check out the dozens of other romance freebies at

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Keep reading for a short excerpt from Maybe You

A memory pops into my head from the spring before my mom took a turn for the worst. It had rained for days, and as soon as the sun peeked through the clouds, we ventured out to sit in the backyard of the house I grew up in. The daffodils that sprouted every year had popped up seemingly overnight, and my mom gazed at them for ages in silence, wearing what I always called her Mona Lisa smile. Whenever I saw that enigmatic curve to her lips, I knew she was about to dole out some Mom Wisdom.

“I always liked daffodils, but it wasn’t until after you were born that I truly appreciated them,” she’d said.

“Let me guess. It’s because their sunshiny color reminds you of me?”

Her smile had become wistful as she turned her attention to me. “That...and because of how strong daffodils are. They’re always the first flowers to bloom in the spring, no matter how long or dark or cold the winter was. They stand tall and strong even after taking a beating from the rain. There’s something so hopeful about them.

She’d reached for my hand, clutching it in both of hers. I remember wondering if she suspected things were about to get worse for her and she wanted to plant seeds of a different sort—the kind that would sprout when I needed to remember not only our good times together, but also that I was strong enough to get through anything. “Daffodils are resilient, and so are you, Meredith Cormier. Never forget that.” 

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