Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Musts #3

The Monday Musts is a new weekly meme hosted by Lovin' Los Libros, where you share what you consider a must-read book, a must-listen song/album/artist, and something that's a must see (TV show, movie, blog, pictures, etc).

My musts for this week:

~ Must Read ~
Upside Down by Lia Riley. Well, the whole Off the Map series for that matter, but this is the first book (there are three novels, plus two novellas). I love Lia's books, and Bran and Talia have a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons. These books are heavy on the feels and swoons, plus they're crazy sexy. They have a great balance of tough real life issues mixed in with humour and a whole lotta sexytimes. Definitely one of my favourite New Adult series.

~ Must Listen ~

Coldplay has been one of my favourite bands for a long time, and I love love love their newest single, Adventure of a Lifetime. The video is weird (as are a lot of their videos), but the song is amazing. I just want to get up and dance every time I hear it.

~ Must See ~
The adorable magnetic bookmarks Happy Hello makes. I kept seeing them on Instagram, and I finally caved and bought two sets a couple weeks ago (plus bought another set this past weekend). If you visit my blog regularly, you'll know I'm obsessed with London, so I couldn't resist the London bookmarks, plus I'm currently obsessed with Outlander, and while I technically bought these for my mum, I keep stealing them because they're just so freaking cute. I can see this becoming an addiction! Be sure to check out Happy Hello's Etsy shop.

**Don't forget, I have a giveaway going on right now for 2 ebooks from my list of favourites!**

What do you think of my musts? What are your musts for the week? Tell me in the comments, or if you participated in The Monday Musts this week, feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments and I'll visit you back!


  1. I SO ENJOYED Upside Down (and the rest of the series). I love Lia's writing. Have you read her adult Brightwater series? If not, you need to add it to your list. I think I actually liked it more than Off the Map. So sweet and sexy! Those magnetic bookmarks are adorable. I always eye them up on Etsy, but I've not caved and bought any yet. One of these days...

    Here are my Monday Musts!

  2. Oh yay! I love Lia's books! Her Brightwater ones are my favorite, but they are all so good!

    I am a big Coldplay fan, so I'm excited about their new album. I really like this song too!

    Those bookmarks are adorable! I will definitely check out her Etsy shop!

  3. I love that Coldplay Song! But that video is kind of weird, right? Those magnetic bookmarks are so cute! I will need to go the that Etsy store and get some! Have a great week.

  4. Oh those book marks are so cute! Thanks for the heads up!


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