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Wanderlust Wednesday Review: The Turning Point by Marie Meyer

After my trip through the UK and Europe last summer, I talked about how I hadn’t expected to fall head over heels in love with Italy, but that’s exactly what happened. I only visited Rome, and while I expected to like it, I fell completely in love with the city. Since then, I’ve dreamed of returning to the Eternal City, plus seeing more of Italy. Since that’s not a possibility right now, I love reading books set in Italy, and I was excited to ‘travel’ with Sophia and Lucas in The Turning Point. You can travel vicariously with me through the three pictures below: the best gelato we had, the best pizza we had, and one of about a million scooters/vespas/motorcycles you'll see around Rome...all of which tie into The Turning Point in some way.


The Turning Point by Marie Meyer
Series: Standalone
Published: January 12th, 2016
Publisher: Forever Yours
304 pages (eARC)
Genre: Contemporary New Adult
Acquired this book: From the author in exchange for honest consideration
Warning: May contain spoilers
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For as long as I could remember, I was the girl with the plan. Good college, good medical school, good career. I would save lives instead of standing by helplessly, watching while they slipped away.

That was before my father called for the first time in fifteen years to tell me about the terminal illness stealing his life-an illness that might be stealing mine, too. It was before he gave me the name of a doctor and a plane ticket to Italy. Before I flew across an ocean. Before I realized how brilliantly bright life could be. Before I met Lucas.

He's everything I've always wanted, and the timing couldn't be worse. I can't do this to him-he deserves so much better. My head tells me I can't afford to fall in love with Lucas, but my heart won't listen. Lucas is fearless about the future, while I'm not even sure I have one. There's only one way to know what's ahead and it's waiting for me at home inside a plain, white envelope.

All I have to do, is open it . . .

I wanted to read The Turning Point from the moment I saw the cover and read the word ‘Italy’ in the synopsis. It was one of my most anticipated New Adult books of 2016, and it didn’t disappoint. 

Sophia was smart, driven, and knew what she wanted in life. One of the ways I related to her was how focused she was - there have been times in my life where I’ve worked so hard I forgot to have a life. Her reasons for being driven were familiar too; having experienced serious loss several times myself, I know how hard it can be to open your heart or let people in. I enjoyed Sophia’s journey from someone who lived a very rigid, planned life to someone who was willing to take a chance, have some fun, and ultimately open her heart, learn to forgive, learn to love, and learn to truly live.

I love books with running jokes and nicknames, and The Turning Point had both. Sophia and Lucas met in a funny, unexpected way, and it became a running joke through the book, which was so cute and fitting. Their interactions ranged from funny to frustrating to touching to sexy. They had instant chemistry, but I appreciated that things didn’t happen instantly. There was a push and pull between them, and I liked that they waited to have sex while still having super steamy sexytimes. They really got to know each other, and learned some important things about themselves - and each other - in the process.

The Turning Point is a story about the power of love. I really enjoyed Sophia’s relationship with her mom and nonna, and the romance between Sophia and Lucas was so fun to read. There were some truly beautiful moments between them that will stick with me. I loved following them through Italy and watching them fall for each other. If you enjoy NA that will make you laugh, swoon, and think about life and love, I highly recommend The Turning Point.


Have you read The Turning Point? What did you think? If you haven't read it, do you plan to? Have you been to Italy? Do you have a favourite book set there?


  1. Mmmmm. Gelato. This one sounds like another great read. I love reading books about a city I love. Now I'm she sick?!

  2. Thank you for the lovely review, Marie! <3


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