Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wanderlust Wednesday ~ Rome To-Do List Edition


4 weeks until my trip to Europe!!! *freaks out*

This is my final to-do list for the trip. Last week I shared my Paris To-Do List and the week before that I shared my London To-Do List.

The Contiki tour we're doing is a bit different from their normal tours. A huge group of us will be doing London and Paris together, but some people go home after that, some stay in Paris, some go on to Amsterdam, and some of us go on to Rome. Since Rome is Krista's dream, we picked the Rome extension. Something else different about the tour: the 'tour' ends in Paris. Our flight from Paris to Rome and our transfer to the hotel are included, along with a 3-day Metro pass, but other than that we're on our own. I'm really hoping by then we'll have made friends with the people doing the Rome extension and we can all hang out as a group. Krista didn't think the 2.5 days we had in Rome for the tour would be enough (and I agreed), so we booked an extra day so we'd be sure to see and do (*cough* and eat) as much as possible. Note that Krista actually has about a dozen other things on her list that I still need to research, so I’m sure my actual list 4 weeks from now will be quite a bit bigger!

Things We Plan to do in Rome
In no particular order

  • Visit the Colosseum
  • Visit the Roman Forum
  • Visit the Trevi Fountain and cry that it’s under construction and I won’t get to throw a coin in, then buy several postcards and possibly photoshop myself into them when I get home
  • Visit the Spanish Steps
  • Visit the Pantheon
  • Visit the Vatican and see St. Peter’s Basilica (I'm kinda terrified of the narrow, windy steps going up to the dome, but the view looks amazing, so I might suck it up, pay the 5 Euros, and hope I don't have an attack of claustrophobia)
  • Visit Santa Maria del Popolo church
  • Visit Capitoline Hill
  • Visit as many piazzas as possible
  • Attempt to order and drink coffee like the Romans do (in other words, quickly and at the bar)
  • Flirt with hot Italian men
  • I’ve never had tiramisu, so I figure Rome is a good place to try it. And biscotti, which I technically have had but it was crappy, rock-hard store-bought stuff. I'd also like to try limoncello and prosecco
  • Wander around, soak in the beauty, culture, and history, take a gazillion pictures, work out the dozen or so story ideas I have...and try not to melt in the heat ;-)
Have you been to Rome? Have you done any of these things? How much of this stuff would be on your to-do list if you were going to Rome? Have I missed anything? Let's talk here or on Twitter!


  1. Squee! I'm so excited for you. It will be amazing.

  2. Great list. The only one I'd not do is the Spanish Steps. That was pretty boring in my opinion but that's just me. Definitely go inside the Colosseum. I didn't go inside and I kind of regret it. So sorry Trevi Fountain is going to be under construction. It wasn't when I was there and I was able to throw in my coins. :( Yes yes yes. Eat tiramisu and flirt with the hot Italians. Have fun!


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