Monday, March 24, 2014

Mix It Up Monday #1

One of my goals for 2014 was to use Ramblings of a Daydreamer to occassionally talk about stuff other than reading and writing. I’ve been trying to figure out whether to have a few random posts here and there, or start a new feature, and finally I came up with the idea of Mix It Up Monday. This will be a semi-regular feature where I talk about stuff that’s been going on in my life, what I'm watching and listening to, and share pictures.

  • My sister-in-law, Amanda, and I got tickets to see Backstreet Boys in May. We saw them together in 2005 (I saw them once before that with another friend), and when we found out they were going to be just an hour away, we decided to get tickets. I managed to get us pretty decent tickets too, so we’re excited!
  • I got a new phone! My brother, Amanda, and a few of her family members are on a family plan, and every time it’s my turn for an upgrade, I let someone else have it because I was really attached to my BlackBerry. I have a habit of getting attached to inanimate objects, and after having that phone for almost four years, I didn’t want to part with it. My BB was literally falling apart, and it wasn’t working great anymore, so when Amanda told me her ‘contact’ (he sells all kinds of electronics, and Amanda buys from him and sends all her friends there) had a phone for me for free that included a case and screen protector, I gave in. Free phone? Hells yeah! I thought I’d get it over the weekend but five minutes later, my BB was cut off, and a few minutes after that, guess who showed up at my door bearing my new phone?
    I was sure it'd take me forever to get used to it, but it’s only been a couple days and I’m already in love with it and can’t stop playing with it. The screen is literally three times bigger than my BB screen, the camera isn’t grainy and dark like my BB camera, and there are just so many cool features. I’m still kind of getting used to the touch screen, but it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.
  • With the new phone, I was finally able to get Instagram! This excites me much more than it probably should. I’ve wanted Instagram for ages, and now I can finally share pictures and keep up with my friends’ pics. I’ve only posted one picture so far, but if you want to follow me, I’m sweetmarie_83. You can expect lots of book-related pics, pictures of my nephews and niece, nature shots, and a bunch of other random stuff. 
  • I don't play many computer/phone/video games because I have an extremely addictive personality and once I start playing games, I can’t stop. Amanda convinced me to download The Simpsons Tapped Out, and as I feared, I’m completely addicted. I check the damn thing incessantly. So if you play and you want to add me, I’m i_love__u2687.
  • I haven’t been watching much TV because I’ve been working so much, but I’m currently on season 4 of a rewatch of Boy Meets World. I love that show so damn much.
  • As for music, there are a few songs I’m currently obsessed with. I’m not much of a BeyoncĂ© fan (I know, I know, blasphemy), but I LOVE her song XO and have it on repeat a lot.

What's new with you this week? Did you do anything fun over the weekend?


  1. Cool to hear that you got a new phone. I was already use to a touch screen when I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 last summer because I had owned an iPod Touch for a few years. Also, I really should try to get into Instagram. I keep meaning to but it doesn't happen.

    I got to go and visit my aunt and grandma yesterday, which was the first time I've been able to leave our house in weeks. Our driveway has been a hockey rink in this winter's crappy weather and it was great to see family and to just get out in the sun for a few minutes.

    I'm currently reading Larissa Ione's Lords of Deliverance series and getting ready for the A-Z challenge in April. It's fun to be reading some (adult, rather than YA / NA) Paranormal Romance for a change.

    Sealer's Promise edits are coming along slowly. I'm about halfway now. Gonna have to push the date back again, but I'd rather that than putting out something that isn't how I want it.

    I use to game a lot, but now it's mostly something I do to spend time with Jay. He games really differently than I use to and the difference in how we play alters my experience a lot. Truthfully? I doubt I'd game much, if at all, if we weren't together. I'd (usually) rather be writing, reading, or listening to music. (We do a lot of MMOs which feel more like chores than fun to me. Yuck.)

    Anyway, I hope this week is great for you. :)

  2. I think will be a fun feature. =D I wish my current phone had last four years. It barely lasted two years and I have about 4 keys that don't work properly.


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