Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer Reading 2013

I've spent the first four months of this year reading mainly review books and only a handful or so of my books. Last year I wanted ALL THE ARCs and now I just wish I could get through my pile and start on the many, many books I've bought, won, and been gifted. I still have a ton of review books to get through, but my goal for this summer is to read at least 15 of my own books and to read all my review books. I might have to be committed by the end of summer, but we'll see.

  • The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley
  • True by Erin McCarthy
  • My Life After Now by Jessica Verdi
  • Dare You To by Katie McGarry
  • Lucky Bastard by Deborah Coonts
  • The Winter Queen by Amber Argyle
  • Linked Imogen Howson
  • Born of Illusion by Teri Brown
  • Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt
  • The Uprising by Lisa M Stasse
  • The Truth About You and Me Amanda Grace
  • Namesake by Sue MacLeod

  • In Honor by Jessi Kirby
  •  Golden by Jessi Kirby
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
  • It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han
  • We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han
  • The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares
  • The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares
  • Girls in Pants by Ann Brashares
  • Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares
  • Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares
  • Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone
  • Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
  • Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty
  • Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley
  • Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen
  • Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen
  • The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen
  • If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch
I'm thinking of setting up some sort of reward system like for so many books I'm able to read, I can buy myself a new book. NOT that I need any more new books but I always WANT new books and incentive is always good, right? ;-)

Have you read any of these? Which do you think I should read first? Do you have a summer reading list? If you do, feel free to leave the link and I'll check it out!



  1. Graffiti Moon is totally amazing. Read it back in 2011 (it was my first review book) and loved, loved, loved it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when you get to it. I think I called the writing "word painting". It'll make sense when you read it. :) Happy reading.

  2. Time Between US! GAH. Tell me when you read it and if I can, I'll re-read it with you. I know I want to re-read it before the sequel comes out.

    AHEM. You need to add My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares to your list of her books to read. It's REALLY good. :)

  3. It is good to set goals. I need to make a similar post so I stay on track with the books I need to read during the summer before I go to university in the fall. I'm not sure how much time university is going to allow for reading.

  4. Sounds like a great plan. I've just been reading whatever I feel like, and it's been mostly working, but I do feel like I should read the review books I've had forever.

  5. Good luck, maybe mix it up. One review, then one of your own so you make a dent into both piles? Enjoy, great books there. I really enjoyed Dare you To and I'm reading True right now and enjoying it so far :-)

    BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

  6. I'm in the same boat myself. I have so many review books to catch up on and I need to figure out a good and effective way of getting through this pile soon because none of my tactics worked so far. As soon as I read one, two new review copies arrive :D #fail

    Anyway, best of luck and hope you enjoy all the books you picked!

  7. The Jenny Han trilogy!! they are SUCH good books! one of my all time favorite contemporary series! ooh, I've also read Graffiti Moon, The Moon and More, Someone Like You, and Sloppy Firsts. I think all bloggers, especially the ones who has been blogging for over a year or two, are starting to get tired of only reading review books. Not to say that we are ungrateful, but sometimes we want to read our own books! I'm trying to reach a balance where half of my monthly reads are review books and the other are non review books. I think that is the best balance :D

    good luck reading these books! and yes, a reward system sounds awesome!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf


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