Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's Happening & Stacking the Shelves April 27th

Hi guys! I hope you've all had a great week full of awesomely bookish things. Here's what's been happening around here this week:

Quicksilver by RJ Anderson {GoodReads}
The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard {GoodReads}

Game. Set. Match. by Jennifer Iacopelli {GoodReads}

  • I reviewed Ultraviolet by RJ Anderson and gave it 4 stars
  • I reviewed The Winter Sea by Susannah Kearsley and gave it 4.5 stars
  • I reviewed Quicksilver by RJ Anderson and gave it 3.5 stars

Not much to report here. It's been another quiet week. Every day I've promised myself I'll get started on my next writing project, but instead I get caught up in blog stuff. Next week I go to a heart clinic to have an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, and get hooked up for a 48-hour heart monitor to determine why I've been having flutters in my chest. Not really looking forward to that, but I'll be glad to get it over with!

I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. For those of you who don't know, I'm a newbie to the show - it seemed like half the people I know watch it, so I decided to see what it was all about. I zoomed through series one and now I'm halfway through series two. I'm so hooked! Speaking of TV...Molli and I have decided to have a Gilmore Girls rewatch marathon in June. It's one of our mutual favourite TV shows and neither of us has watched it in awhile, so we thought it was time, and that it would be a lot of fun to watch it together and discuss it. Any other Gilmore Girls fans want to join us? Tweet us and let us know! @SweetMarie83 and @courageousgrace

Around the Blogosphere:

  • Molli wrote a letter to her 14-year-old self, talking about how reading saved her during a really difficult time in her life.
  • White Lines by Jennifer Banash is one of my favourite books of 2013 so far. Jennifer talked about her life as a club kid and shares the playlist for the book on Forever Young Adult. This post made me want to go reread the book!
  • Jamie introduced a new feature called Beyond the Pages and opened up about what she wants to do with her one wild and precious life.
  • And finally…this has absolutely nothing to do with books but I thought I’d share it because who doesn’t need a laugh by the end of the week? If you have kids/nieces/nephews or simply just like kids, this is good for a giggle: 26 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews

Also Known As by Robin Benway {GoodReads}
Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen {GoodReads}

 Click: An Online Love Story by Lisa Becker {GoodReads}
Double Click by Lisa Becker {GoodReads}

*A big thank you to the incomparable Molli from Once Upon aPrologue - I won Also Known As from her in her super-awesome Contemporary Month; thank you also to Lisa Becker for sending me e-copies of her two novels for review*

What books did you get this week? Tell me in the comments below or post a link to your Stacking the Shelves/Book Haul/In My Mailbox/Showcase Sunday, etc. Happy reading! <3


  1. Thanks for the links - I especially loved the one on what it takes to be a book blogger!

    Tanya Patrice

  2. Awww, thank so much for the linkage love! That letter was hard to write, but I have ideas for another one in the works.

    I am so happy you're loving DW, and excited for our GG marathon. Prepare for LOTS of Dean and Jess squee'ing from me. :)

    Also, AHH. Tell me what you think of AKA when you read it. It's like a teenage version of Leverage.

    And incomparable? *blush*

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  3. Awesome haul of books this week. You had some awesomeness come your way. Also like the linkage to other posts. They were interesting. Come visit me as well.


  4. A wonderful haul Marie! I have been curious about Ultraviolet & Quicksilver and I can't wait to read Along for the Ride :-)

    I don't think I have ever watched a Dr Who show but I do love The Gilmore Girls <3

    I hope everything goes well @ the heart clinic, I'll be thinking of you xx

  5. I really liked Also Known As! It was great. It looks like we are both taking part in Game. Set. Match and The Forgotten Ones blog tours! :) Enjoy your goodies!

  6. It seems like you've had a nice week! Although, I'm sorry that you have to go in for that EKG. I hope everything turns out alright! <3

    Also, I seriously need to pick up a Sarah Dessen book sometime. Along for the Ride is one that I've heard a lot of people gushing about, so I may have to pick that one up just to see what the buzz about her is all about. ;)

    Enjoy all your books, and happy reading! <3

  7. Some interesting looking links, will go check them out. Love the cover of Along for the Ride, I've heard lots of good things about Sarah Dessen but have yet to read one. Loads of great looking books there, enjoy :)

  8. I thought Also Known As was so good. I loved the humor. Come and see what I got this week at Ms. Martin Teaches Media and Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

  9. great haul. enjoy :)


  10. Love all the around the blogosphere news, and curious about your new books. I hope you have a great week Marie! The Sunday Post

  11. Hi Marie. Looks like you got some nice books/wins this week. Both Quicksilver and
    The Forgotten Ones look good.
    Hope you enjoy them. Also I hope everything goes well with your appointment for the electrocardiogram and you feel better! :)

  12. I already told you this in my email, but I'm hoping for the best for you with the heart stuff. Hang in there!! *hugs*

    Gilmore Girls rewatch, eh? It's possible I can participate in that. I do have the first season on DVD. I was going to check my library and the video store for the second season so I can continue the show. I'll keep my eye out for details. ;)

    OMG. That 26 Reasons had both me and Rebecca rolling. Classic. :)

  13. Click sounds interesting, I will have to read this one myself. I enjoyed Quicksilver.
    I love the cover for Along for the Ride!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my haul


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