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Book Review: Chasing McCree by JC Isabella

Chasing McCree by JC Isabella
Published: April 14th, 2012
Publisher: Self-published
182 pages (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary young adult
Acquired this book: Bought for Kobo
Warning: May contain spoilers
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Briar Thompson had it all. The right clothes, the right friends, the right car. Being popular was all that mattered. Her parents were rich and treated like royalty throughout the community. She thought her senior year of high school was going perfectly, until the night her drink was spiked at a party by one of her so called friends.

That was the night she met Chase McCree.

Chase wanted to go back to Montana. To the ranch and the wild, wide blue sky that went on forever. He wanted nothing to do with flashy cars or spoiled rich kids. But he found himself head over boots for the quirky cheerleader who turned her back on her social status. She befriended him when no one else would.

Shunned and hurt by the people who were once her friends, Briar flees with Chase to his family ranch in Montana. There she discovers another world, and apart of herself she never knew.

The cowboy wasn’t like anyone she’d ever met. The cheerleader wasn’t like anyone he’d ever met. Apart their lives didn’t seem to make sense, but together, they were chasing forever.

Chasing McCree was a really cute, funny story that was refreshingly different from a lot of other YA contemporary books out there.

Briar and Chase aren’t your typical teenagers. Briar is a cheerleader from a rich family who pretty much neglects her, and she’s desperate to do whatever it takes to fit in at school. Chase is a cowboy from Montana, who’s visiting his mother in Florida, but misses his ranch and the simplicity of life back home. Briar and Chase see each other for who they really are, and after becoming fast friends, they fall for each other.

Because of their differences, I wasn’t sure how - or even if - things were going to work out for these two, and it definitely kept the story interesting. Their contrasting personalities worked well together, and made for a lot of funny, cute scenes. I loved that there were a lot of sweet moments between them, and that for the most part it was pretty innocent. I’m not opposed to steamy romances in YA, but it’s nice to see a story that’s just plain cute and not all about sex.

I absolutely loved the progression of Briar’s character. She was always who other people wanted her to be and she didn’t even know who she was, let alone who she wanted to be. Being with Chase gave her a chance to figure out who she was and not have to pretend to be someone else. She grew a lot, learned a lot, and became the person she wanted to be, rather than who everyone else thought she should be.

The story itself was one of the best indie books I’ve read, but the entire thing was riddled with mistakes. I’ve never seen such misuse of apostrophes and commas in my entire life. A few mistakes here and there don’t bother me - you find them in a lot of books, even books by big authors with publishing houses behind them - but this book was full of them, and it was quite distracting at times. That’s honestly my only real complaint. The story had a few aspects that were kind of unrealistic, and Chase and Briar seemed pretty mature for their ages, but none of that bothered me because it was such a good story.

Chasing McCree is a story about friendship, love, family, and figuring out who you are. Briar’s confidence and ability to change and adapt was inspiring and lovely to watch. This book had humour, romance, and real emotion. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any fan of contemporary young adult. 

Have you read Chasing McCree? If so, what did you think? What are some of your favourite books with strong female leads?

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  1. I've seen this one around but haven't been that interested. Hearing about the mistakes makes me more reluctant, lol, but I'm glad to see you enjoyed it! I may have to check it out someday. :)


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