Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Review: The Padre Predator by David Harry

The Padre Predator by David Harry
Series: Book #2 in the Jimmy Redstone/South Padre Island series
Published: July 2nd, 2011
Publisher: Independent
458 pages (paperback)
Genre: Mystery/thriller
Acquired this book: From the author in exchange for an honest review
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Read my review of The Padre Puzzle, Book #1 in the series

Synopsis: Jimmy and Angella find themselves on a special assignment from the President: Find the security breach within the highest level of the government. Track down the terrorists involved in the A-bomb plot before they can carry out their plan. Keep the bomb (or bombs) from exploding. And keep it all quiet.

In this sequel to the Padre Puzzle, author David Harry brings us a mystery that twists and turns from South Padre Island across Texas to Washington D.C. and, finally, Mexico.

As Jimmy and Angella investigate, it becomes increasingly unclear who is really pulling the strings and who can be trusted. They soon realize that they are pawns in a game that they might not be able to win.

Exciting, action-packed, and fast-paced, The Padre Predator is a terrific, thrilling mystery that is full of surprises.

Carrying on from The Padre Puzzle, Jimmy and Angella are attempting find the breach of security within the government, while tracking down
terrorists and atomic bombs.

I loved that you never knew who to trust. Every time someone seemed to be in the clear, something would happen to make them look guilty again, and every time someone looked guilty, something would happen to seemingly clear their name. It made for an exciting mixture of tension and suspense.

As in The Padre Puzzle, Jimmy is a likable, believable character. He's tough as nails, clever, and quick-witted...and quick tempered. His faults made him human, and lent credibility to his character.

The whole terrorist mystery was so tightly woven, I had no clue how to unravel the mystery, and I just went along for the ride. It was so scary, because it was believable. You know something like that could actually happen, and it's terrifying.

If you're looking for a mystery that will keep you guessing, while at the same time keeping you on the edge of your seat, and mixing in enough humour to lighten the heavy overall tone, I definitely recommend The Padre Predator. Don't forget to start with The Padre Puzzle, the first book in the series!  


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