Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge: X...

I knew I was going to have trouble with X. It's been blank on my list for weeks, and now I've decided to just do a bunch of random x-iness, because random is one of the things I do best. Here goes...

My signature to people I know and love is always 'Marie' (obviously) with a star over the I and xoxo afterward. I have a cousin that I correspond with mostly through email and we seem to compete to see who can include the most Xs and Os at the end of our emails. It always makes me smile.

I love how almost all the British people I know sign their emails, and sometimes their Facebook messages and tweets with an X or a few Xs.

X songs I like: Xanax and Wine by U2, and XOXOXO by Black Eyed Peas. Movie: XXX with Vin Diesel.

Year before last, we bought my youngest nephew a xylophone for Christmas. He was only 10 months old, and he would put the sticks in his mouth because they looked like lollipops. We took them away, and he used spatulas instead. He had this spatula obsession for months - no idea why, kids are just weird like that. He wouldn’t play with any of his other toys, he would just sit and play with his spatulas for ages. As I’m typing this, I remember that we also got him his own spatulas for Christmas that year…guess kids aren’t the only weird ones. Anyway, I gave him the proper xylophone sticks a few months ago and he loves making music.

The only X-rays I've ever had are on my teeth.

I couldn't believe how few X words there were in the dictionary. I thought for sure there would be big words that started with X that I'd never heard of, you know?

And now my brain has stopped working. I blame the cold I've had all's also to blame for me not visiting many blogs the last few days. I come in, write my posts, do a bit of mindless surfing, and then wander away. I'll try to catch up with everyone on the weekend!



  1. I think I may have cheated a bit w/ my X post and used the word excited. It has an X in it though, so it should count.

  2. I haven't seen XXX in a long time. I remember being surprised that it was pretty decent. :)


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