Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wrap-up for the 2011 Spooktacular October Paranormal Reading Challenge

Where did October go?! I cannot believe how fast it went. I also can't believe how well the reading challenge went! I'm so thrilled with the amount of people who participated, and the amount of books that were reviewed! I've been keeping track of the reviews, and I thought to highlight the lovely participants of this challenge, I would post each person's reviews, and hopefully drive a bit of extra traffic to your blogs as a thank you for participating.

I reached my goal of 8 paranormal books in October, which is pretty amazing since I'm a super slow reader. I had so much fun - it was nice to get caught up on some paranormal books I'd been wanting to read. 


Stats for the challenge:
#of people who signed up: 67
#of people who actually participated: 47 (kinda wondering what happened to the other 20 people who signed up lol)
#of people who completed the challenge: 42
Total # of reviews: 270
Top 3 reviewers: Blackwolf from Eternal Soul (16 books), Amy from Amy's Book Den (15 books), and Michelle from Much Loved Books (14 books). 

 (Randomly drawn. Each review equaled an entry into the giveaway.)
Michelle from Much Loved Books
Congrats, Michelle! 14 books this month - well done!!


Participants and reviews:
(in order of sign-ups - this list only shows the people who completed the challenge, as in a minimum of 3 reviews)

SweetMarie83 from Ramblings of a Daydreamer (that's me!) - 8 books

Patricia at My Journey Through the Pages - 3 books

Georgina from Diary of a Writer in Progress - 3 books

Amy from Amy's Book Den - 15 books

Darcus from Starcrossed Reviews - 11 books

Niina at For the Love of Reading! - 11 books

Michelle at Much Loved Books - 14 books

Cathy at Abnormally Paranormal Reviews - 5 books

Tee at Dreaming Dream No Moral Ever Dares - 4 books

Melissa at Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf - 3 books

Katie at Novel Society - 4 books

Lori at Romancing the Dark Side - 3 books

Paige at Comfort Books - 4 books
Mist at Bookaholics Book Club - 4 books
Christy at Love of Books - 5 books

Rebecca at Lost in a Bookstore - 3 books

Kathy at I Write, I Read, I Review - 6 books

Tara at Hey Tara! - 3 books

Marla at Starting the Next Chapter - 9 books

Jasmyn at Jasmyn's Reviews - 6 books

Sarita at The Fabulous Gift of Life - 9 books

Blackwolf at Eternal Soul - 16 books

Mandy at Reality Bites - 3 books

Jennifer at The Book Nympho - 4 books

DaVinciKitty at Grave Tells - 9 books

Aleksandra at Aleksandra's Corner - 6 books
 Raelena at Throuthehaze Reads - 3 books

April at Books4Juliet - 5 books

Emily at Books and Threads - 5  books

Colleen at Les Livres - 4 books

Benji at The Non Reluctant Reader - 5 books
Jess at Books and Sensibility - 3 books

Jess at Starcrossed Reviews - 6 books

Kristin at Better Read Than Dead - 12 books

Miki at Lecture toute une Aventure - 12 books

Whit at Whitticisms - 3 books

Kell at Diary of a Domestic Goddess - 6 books


  1. That was a pretty good turn out. I think I forgot to link a couple of my reviews. lol.. Thanks for hosting this!

  2. Great turn out! This was super fun, and thanks for highlighting all of us participants in this post.

    Congratz to Michelle for winning! 14 books is too rich for my blood in one month, but more power to her.

  3. Thanks for hosting the challenge - I really enjoyed taking part. I hope you'll be hosting again next year as I'll be looking out for it and will be btter prepared (at one point I ran out of paranormal books and had to go to the library to grab some moer - LOL!).

    And congratulations to Michelle - hope you enjoy your prize! :)

  4. Wow look at all those entries! Well done to everyone that completed the challenge and a huge congrats to Michelle! :)

  5. I didn't do as good as I planned, but it was fun :) Thanks for hosting & congrats to Michelle :)

  6. Thanks for hosting! I had fun finding new books. And thanks for putting the huge list together; what a lot of work!

    Congrats Michelle!

  7. I don't know how so many people are able to read SO many books in just one month! That's amazing!

    Thanks for hosting this challenge; it was a lot of fun, and I kind of want to participate in more challenges now! haha, I thought I would never be able to commit enough to being able to finish a challenge (my schoolwork can be pretty time-consuming), but this made me realize that it's totally do-able. :)

  8. Wow at the top reveiwers! I don't think I could read that many books in a month, I'd get tired of reading and stop.

    Great challenege Marie.

  9. Thanks for hosting the challenge it was really fun..

  10. Thank you Marie for hosting the event. I am shocked I managed to read so many books, I didn't think I had read that much especially ssince I struggled on some of them.

    Congrats to EVERYONE who took part and made it so much fun.

  11. Wow...that was a lot of reviews!! Thanks for hosting...:)

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  12. So many great reviews, I had a great time even though I was on the lower end !

  13. COngratulations to the winner! =) This was fun! And congratulations to you Marie! This turned out pretty good! =) Have a happy week! Thank you =)

  14. Awesome! This was my first challenge and I really enjoyed participating. Thank you so much for hosting it!

    Congrats to the winner!

  15. I love how you listed everyone and their reviews! It was cool to look at at the end. I would love to participate in another one of your challenges. Thank you for hosting!


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