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2011 Spooktacular October Paranormal Reading Challenge

I love paranormal books, but haven’t read many lately. Because of that, and since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I decided I would dedicate the month of October to paranormal books. Then I wondered if anyone else would like to join me, so I decided to make it into a challenge and include a prize – yes a prize! Who doesn’t love getting a free book?

So here’s the deal if you decide to participate: for every paranormal book you read and review in the month of October, you’ll be entered in the giveaway to win one of the paranormal books below. All you have to do is sign up between now and October 7th (I've decided to eliminate the deadline and allow people to sign up all month as long as you follow all the rest of the rules) then starting October 1st, whenever you read and review a paranormal book, come back here and post a link to the review in the Mr. Linky. This post that you’re reading is just for sign-ups - starting October 1st, there will be a new post where people can leave their review links. Each review is an entry in the giveaway, and on November 1st, one winner will be chosen. All reviews must be posted for the first time between October 1st and October 31st, 2011. 

The challenge part: you have to read and review a minimum of THREE paranormal books during October. You don’t have to choose them ahead of time, but you have to read at least three. For many of you, this will be no problem at all. If you don't think it's possible, don't sign up for the challenge.

So you want to participate? Here's what you need to do:

*Grab the button and place it on your blog. This way, not only will people know you’re participating in the challenge, but they can come back to my blog and find out how to join in on the fun.

October Paranormal Reading Challenge

My apologies to those of you who were having trouble with the button. I've fixed it now!

*Optional, but recommended: create a post or a page on your blog with the challenge graphic to help spread the word, and keep track of your progress once the challenge starts. If you decide to do that, make sure to either post a link back here, or have the linked graphic on your post so that, again, people can come join the fun. You need to have at least one or the other to be eligible – the button in your sidebar and/or a post about the challenge.

*The challenge says paranormal, but I’m going to go with a loose definition: basically, if it has any 'otherworldly'  element to it, I’ll accept it, which means that I’m not going to say no to books that may fall into the category of fantasy or urban fantasy. Think faeries, vampires, werewolves, shifters, mermaids, angels, demons, witches, sirens, banshees, etc.

*If this challenge crosses over into other challenges you're doing, that’s fine.

*On October 1st, I will start a new post with a new Mr. Linky where you can add links to your reviews. Don’t forget to add your reviews to be included in the giveaway, and don't forget you need at least three during the month. The more reviews you post, the more entries you have to win.

*To sign up, leave your name and blog URL in the Mr. Linky below (for example, Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer), then leave a comment on THIS post with your email address so I have a way to contact you if you win (for example yourname(at)hotmail(dot)com so that spambots can't collect your email address).

*The giveaway at the end is open internationally as long as Book Depository ships to your country. For a full list of countries, check here

Now, the part you're probably most interested in: the prizes to choose from. I've tried to collect a wide variety of both adult and YA paranormal, and include a range of 'creatures' to appeal to all tastes.

That's it! If I've missed anything, you can leave questions and comments below. Let’s make October a month of spooktacular fun, and get some great paranormal books read and reviewed!

***Edit, October 1st: there's been a problem with the Mr. Linky. I still have everyone's links who signed up, but if you'd still like to sign up, please leave your name, blog URL and email address in the comments of this post. Sign-ups are still open until October 7th. I'm going to make a list of participants and post it for everyone to see so that people can visit the other blogs.***


Post your reviews here
View my progress here


  1. My name is Georgina, this is the first time ever I participate in a challenge, so I hope I don't make a mess linking my reviews. :D This sounds very exciting and I can't wait for october to start. Good luck to all!

    BTW, I'm also a writer and my book, Perpetual Night, is a YA paranormal and I'll be happy to add it in your list of prizes. Let me know what you think. My mail A link to my book:

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun, I'll have to see if I can do it. :)

  3. I'm in. Also, can I ask a favor Marie? I just ordered a few paperbacks of my books. Can we add mine to the prize mix?

  4. Oh, forgot my email. patricialynne07(@)

  5. Fun fun fun! :D

  6. Yay! I wanted to do paranormal stuff for October as well, but couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Fall is my favorite season, Halloween is my favorite holiday AS WELL as my birthday. And I'm a lover of all things creepy/scary/paranormal. So I HAD to do SOMETHING. So I'm glad you decided to do this!


  7. I'm game! ;D I love Paranormal so it's right down my alley.


  8. Great challenge! :)


  9. Can we counts books in a series as one entry each time we review, or is that one entry in total, and do anthologies count as one entry?

  10. Hey, Marie! This sounds like a fun challenge! Do all formats of books count (bound, e-books, and audiobooks)?

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  11. I think I can do this! Sounds like fun...

    My email: ckeaton[at]gmx[dot]com

  12. Totally signed up earlier and forgot to include my email down here...


  13. Me again..I for some reason can not get your button to post in my side anyone else having this problem and if your not could you please contact me and help out a bit so I can get it posted? I can just grab it and post the pic in my sidebar but it wouldnt be clickable to get back to your page...HELP!

  14. Tee, I had that problem too. I ended up copying and pasting one of my other linked buttons and replacing all the info to get the right pic and pointing here.

  15. I think I can do this! Sounds like fun...
    My email: rogcaprino[at]hotmail[com]

  16. What a great idea!! I will be adding the button. I was trying so hard to think of something fun to do for halloween on my blog, but my creativeness has been turned

    Count me in!

  17. I just realized that I didn't link to my challenge post in Mr. Linky above, so here it is:

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  18. Interesting Challenge! im going to have fun with this!

    Katie @ Novel Society

  19. Well,,Im just now getting back into the world of blogging,,and I did say that I wanted to participate more in events and such so this is perfect sigh me up,,,

    westtexasjen at gmail dot com

  20. Yeah a challenge I can actually do. Only 3 books in a MONTH. I can do that around my school. I'm in.

  21. Oops. Forgot to leave my email address.

    thebooknympho AT gmail DOT com

  22. I'm apart of the challenge!! It's so creative i love it!!

    My Email: paigebradish(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Link to the post about the challenge:

  23. Im excited! I have the button linked on my page.

    chelle2006 @ aol .com


  24. I'm so excited to start this! I'm having a hard time putting off my books til next month, though. I get so carried away by Halloween excitement.


  25. Great contest/challenge

    Mf060784 at gmail

  26. I'm going for it! :) October is gong to be a fun month.


  27. Awesome-sauce idea! Hope I can do this!


  28. Yay my first reading challenge! Very excited, I'm already preparing my list for next month!

    Rebecca @ Lost in a Bookstore

  29. I'm really excited to be taking part. I already planned to dedicate October to paranormal books anyway, so this fits in perfectly. Books on my list for next month include: Shiver, Firelight, Kiss of Life, Hex Hall, Vampire Academy, Destined...

    The more I think about it the more excited that I get. And that's not counting newer stuff coming out like A Beautiful Dark, Daughter of Smoke and Bone and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. *stops talking before this becomes a book* :D

  30. Oh, how silly. I didn't include my e-mail? Whoops.


  31. Sounds like a great excuse to read some of the paranormal books on my TBR shelf.


  32. This sounds unbelieveable!! I'm SO excited!! I've got a bunch of paranormal books that I could read. What better time then now!?!?

  33. This sounds like fun

  34. I'm so up for this :D


  35. Okay, this does sound good so I'll make the time to do it. In fact I've already chosen my first two books!


  36. Fun fun! Thanks!!


  37. Button added and ready to read. Thanks for organizing a great Halloween challenge.

  38. Aah, I added my name twice! Can you remove #41 (the one that just says "Davincikittie")? So sorry!

    This challenge is perfect for GraveTells. PNR & UF is all we do! =)


  39. Whoops! Glad I checked back. I forgot to include my email address:


  40. HI! Just add the button and doing the blog post! I wish you all good luck and good reading! Ready for Halloween Challenge :)


  41. This is my first challange so I hope I do it right.

    My email is

    Happy reading everyone!!

  42. Ooo I also forgot to add my email address!

    davincikittie at gravetells dot com

  43. This is my first 'real' challenge, that isn't a 50/whatever book kind of challenge, so I'm super excited!
    I added the button and I'm all ready to go! Thank you so much for doing this--it's going to help me so much with my TBR pile--that thing never stops growing!

  44. This sounds fantastic! I can't wait to start!!


    will be adding the button to my sidebar and will have a tab labeled spooktacular. Great Idea!

  45. Just signed up! Thanks for hosting this. Also, I absolutely love the button :) at gmail dot com

  46. I would love to join! Today is the start of this challenge so I hope I'm not too late lol! I'm excited and I really hope I'd be able to this challenge right! =)

    April at Books4Juliet
    Here's my email:

  47. Raelena @ Throuthehaze Reads
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  48. I have just one question: can we count books that we've started before October, but finished in October? Thanks in advance!

  49. I put the button on my blog, but I can't get on the linky:( HELP - what am I doing wrong?

  50. Beverly, that's my fault...I didn't you couldn't have more than one Mr. Linky on your blog at a time without paying for a membership, so I created another one for people to post their reviews and this one went away and now won't come back. I'll play around with it and see if I can get it up again, and if not, just post your blog URL and email addy here in the comments and I'll make a list of participants (minus email addresses).

  51. Rose @ The Haunted Rose

  52. I'd love to sign up! This sounds like a fun way to celebrate Halloween. :D

    Emily @ Books and Threads
    eghartman (at) gmail (dot) com

  53. I was already thinking of reading just paranormal/creepy books this month; this just makes it more fun! Thanks for hosting!

    Colleen @ Les Livres

  54. This is one of many reasons I love October!! Can't wait to get started!

    Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

  55. Sweet!! I'm in!!

  56. Ok My blog is

  57. I'd like to sign up for the challennge


  58. I'm in!

    My blog is at

  59. A reviewer on my blog wanted me to sign her up.

    Name: Jess
    Email: darkangel10106(at)hotmail(dot)com

  60. Please count me in! I love spooky books. Will be happy to post a link to this event on my site.

    I am hosting a Readathon on my blog as well and would love for you to stop by and include links to your reviews.

    Psychotic State Book Reviews

  61. I would love to participate. I may have already signed up but can't remember.

    Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

  62. I would like to participate ( i've decided to create my blog for this occasion^^)
    Just a question: Can i add book in french or just english one?


    thanks for making it international

  63. I'm in.
    joystory AT

  64. I'm in!!!

    AmethystDaydreams at zoho dot com

  65. I'm in- don't know if mine went through- BookwormCastle


    Looking forward to this!

  66. Hey, LOVE your blog! And this challenge. What a GREAT idea. I'm already most of the way through Dracula but I still need to catch up with everyone else that got a jump start on me!!


  67. I just found your blog after looking for more recommendations for my own {personal} paranormal book challenge! I would love to link up even though it's so late in Oct. Excited for some spooky reads! :)

    whittywhit09 {at} gmail {dot} com.

  68. Count me in!

    Here's my overview page for this challenge:
    insert word here

  69. Apologies - I hit post by accident.
    Here's my actual link to the overview page HERE

  70. 6 books completed for the challenge (link in the previous comment).

    Forgot to leave my email address last time (doh! I'm such a ditz!)

    kell_smurthwaite {at} yahoo {dot} co {dot} uk


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