Friday, April 8, 2011

A to Z Challenge Day 7: Gratitude for other writers

Happy Friday everyone!  The weather's kind of undecided here today, but right now the sun is shining weakly through my window - I'll take it while I can!

I got the idea for today's post from a childhood friend.  She's doing her own version of the A-Z challenge - she can't do it every day because she's gone a lot of the time with her boyfriend, who's a trucker, and can't depend on having the internet once she crosses the border.  Thanks for the idea, Kit!

I could write about gratitude in general because I'm someone who's very grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life, but I'm going to stick with gratitude for other writers.  Since I've been writing articles online, it's other writers who have been my biggest supporters.  With very few exceptions, my friends couldn't really care less that I'm finally making my dreams of being a full-time writer come true.  I've gotten more support and encouragement from strangers than I have my own friends.  I know the crazy lives writers usually have, so it means a lot to me that people who are busy with their own writing have taken time to read my writing, comment, and in some cases, even really talk about writing.  I've made a couple of good friends this way, one in particular who's encouraged me to write, has listened to my ideas, and who does a call-out every few nights on Facebook for me and another of his friends to get writing.  We often end up distracting each other more than anything, but he's the one that got me finally working on my novel again, so I'm extremely grateful to him for that.  It's nice to have someone who cares and who I know I can count on for advice or help.

Now if I could just find a critique partner I'd be really grateful.  (Besides you, Ray - you know I love you, but I also need a girl's perspective!)  I've been hearing so much about them as I blog surf, and thinking it would be great to share work with someone and help them as they help me.  

I'm also grateful for the writers who write about their own experiences, process, tips and tricks, etc.  I've learned so much from these people and I'm applying a lot of it to my own writing.  I've found some great blogs with writers sharing not only their knowledge, but what they're working on, how it's going, the hang-ups and snags they're hitting along the way, and then the process of getting published, marketing, etc.  I find it all fascinating, and I'm thankful that they take the time to share, because it gives me hope and inspiration.  I also love when successful, best-selling authors write books on writing, like Janet Evanovich and Stephen King - as writers, I don't think we can ever really read enough about writing so that we can improve. 


I've read the Evanovich book and the Zinsser book and I'm currently reading the King book.

I mentioned in yesterday's post about family that I was going to talk about Grama today.  My Grama was 99 last November and she's still going strong.  She lives in a nursing home and she's in a wheelchair, but she participates in all the activities, takes painting lessons, knits (she knits mittens for a local organization, and she's already on her 19th pair for 2011 - she knit 70+ pair last year and tries to do more each year), and she loves to read.  Next to my mum, Grama's my biggest supporter - she's always asking me about my writing, what I'm working on, and she loves to read the articles and stories I take her.  She and I are kindred spirits - we've always enjoyed spending time together, and can talk for hours.  I love listening to her stories, and lately I've started asking her questions while I keep a notebook handy to jot things down.  My aunt and uncle are trying to convince her to write her memoirs, but she thinks it's 'too late' now, so I'm going to compile as much as I can and either help her or write it myself because I think she's fascinating and I want the world to know her story.

Grama's latest painting

Now, a bit off topic, but a couple things I wanted to share.  Yesterday, I got a Creative Blog Award from Deirdra at A Storybook World.  Thank you Deirdra!  I re-did the look of my blog just before the challenge started and I'm happy with how it looks, I'm glad to know someone else is too! lol

Also, I have 2 new book reviews published for anyone who'd like to check them out:

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Are you a writer who's grateful to other writers?  Have you received a lot of support from your fellow writers?  Do you enjoy blogs by writers who talk about technique, process, publishing and other writing-related topics?  I'd love to hear from you - as always, all comments are welcome and appreciated and I'll be sure to visit you back!


  1. Wonderful, warm post. :) Happy Friday to you and nice bumping into you.

  2. This was an awesome tribute to a writer who is constantly supporting you. I met that writer through Hubpages and it is the reason I actually came to this.
    I have to say, I find the support from other writers invaluable. They are my support system even though majority of them, I have never even met face to face! My family and my friends, they care that I write, but that is pretty much were it ends. I think it was pretty cool that you did a tribute to those writers that keep pushing you!
    Bravo - I look forward to more that you have to say!

  3. If you need a girl's perspective that badly, I suppose I can let you borrow Jake.

  4. Hey Marie
    I love coming home and catching up on your writing. I'm still a few days behind on the challenge, but I'm slowly getting caught up. Like you I'm grateful for you, my writer friend that encourages me, supports me and inspires me. Looking forward to your H post.

  5. I just started blogging in December, so when a stranger visits my blog and leaves a comment, I could just do a happy dance.

    I also formed an online writer's group and both the critique and positive feedback make a big difference. I can see improvement in my work. I am so grateful for that group.

    I am also grateful for support I receive on various writer's forums.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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