Friday, April 15, 2011

A to Z Challenge Day 13: Just call me Mimi...and why I love Meat Loaf

To most people, I'm Marie - my mum and my dad's relatives pronounce it the French way, which sounds like a completely different name.  My dad was French, and named me after the sister who raised him after their parents died, and because he called me Marie in French, my mum started doing the same.  Right after he died (I was 10), I told her to stop calling me by my name in French because it was too painful, but then eventually I asked her to start using it again.  I alternately loved and hated my name growing up, and for the same reason - it was different.  People always got it wrong, called me Mary or Maria, which irritated me, but at the same time, I liked it because no one else had the same name.  

I've worked with kids most of my life and they all had trouble saying my name, so when my first nephew was born, somehow we came up with the idea that rather than having him try to call my Aunt Marie, he'd call me Mimi.  It stuck and now most of my immediate family call me Mimi.  My baby nephew has said it a few times and it's always exciting, especially because he refuses to talk for the most part.  He can, he just won't, which should be interesting in the future.  I love being Mimi, it makes me feel special - my nephews mean the world to me, so for me being Mimi is the next best thing to being Mummy.
Me with Logan and Noah last October at the orchard

I've been a fan of Meat Loaf since I was probably about 6.  My dad had the Bat Out of Hell record and he used to play it all the time, and I loved it.  I probably shouldn't have been allowed to listen to it, but since I didn't understand the lyrics, I guess it didn't really matter.  My favorite song was always 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' (talk about inappropriate), and then when I was a bit older, I fell in love with 'I Would Do Anything For Love'.  I didn't really keep track of his career as I grew up, but I would go on a Meat Loaf kick every once in awhile, and when I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in college, I was thrilled to see him in it.  When I found out he was on Celebrity Apprentice this year, I decided to watch.  I've never watched the show before because I don't care for Donald Trump, but I guess that shows you how much I love Meat Loaf.  And then I found out he's going to be doing a show in my city in July, and I just about died.  There's no way I can afford tickets, but my mum and I decided we're going to go hang out downtown all day in the hopes of seeing him, or maybe hearing the show.  I can't help but think of my dad whenever I hear Meat Loaf's music; it was one of the special things we shared, one of the things that was 'ours'.

He's come a long way fashion-wise from his days of wild hair, white ruffled shirts and suspenders.  He always has the best jackets on Celebrity Apprentice; every week I tell my mum I want to steal the jackets he wears in the boardroom

I hope everyone's had a great week.  I'm a bit behind on visiting blogs and commenting, but I'll try to get caught up over the weekend.  I appreciate all the people who have taken the time to visit, read my posts and comment, it really means a lot to me.  Have a great Friday!


  1. how is your day?

    fun post. yummy m words.

  2. Awards for you, thanks for the support!

    Bless your talent.

    Happy Friday!

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