Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My week so far, setting goals, and HubPages

I've been so busy the past week, my head is spinning.  I feel like I'm on a crazy merry-go-round or rollercoaster or something.  There's been a mixture of stress (mostly caused by stupid people), a lot of work, and a healthy dose of fun.

Last week, I got another of my short stories published.  I was thrilled!  I've had a couple other stories published on this particular site (unfortunately I can't post the link because it's an erotic story and the site is an "adult" site and I don't want to get flagged or reported!), but this was the quickest response time and the most I've been paid for a story yet.  Very good timing since my trip with my Jamie and Amanda is coming up this Friday! 

Since I've been writing mostly articles lately, I'm starting to miss writing fiction and the idea I have for a novel keeps popping up in my mind at odd and random times and I'm beginning to wonder if it's a sign that I should start working on it.  I'm thinking maybe I'll get established as a freelance article writer first, then as I have time, start working on fiction as well, try to find a happy balance of doing both since my main passion is, and I believe always will be, writing fiction.

I joined HubPages a few days ago and have two articles posted so far.  I have HubPages widget, along with my Suite101 widget along the side of my blog and it displays my articles there.  But, in the interest of a little self-promotion, I'll post the links in this entry as well!  Also, I've started a 'fan page' on Facebook, something I've noticed many other freelancers doing, and if you like my writing, I'd love for you to join.  Since I write for so many different sites, I thought the fan page would be a good place to post all my article links in one spot.  The widget for my FB page is along the side too, or you can click here.

My first two HubPages articles:

I'm trying to get a lot of work done before Friday when we take off for two days, then my Grama's party is Sunday.  I have three articles ready to publish in the morning (I have a weird thing about not posting them late at night, I don't know why), and ideas for a few more that I'm hoping I'll have time to write in the next two days.  I'm still not saying where we're going on Friday because my brother still doesn't know and I think he reads along with Amanda when she's reading my blog haha.  But, it's a popular tourist place and I've been interested in writing travel articles for a long time so I'm hoping I can get a few article ideas while we're away and try my hand at travel writing.  I think I'll set a goal for articles to write and publish in the next two days and if I can reach that goal before Friday, I'll try to clear my mind as much as possible so I can thoroughly enjoy our trip and not worry about work.

And if I'm going to get up in good time and start writing in the morning, I guess I'd better get to bed!  Good night!

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